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Yesmovies Website:

When it comes to entertainment, movies are the major contributor across the world. No matter where you travel to, you can enjoy movies in different languages and also in different genres. If you love movies, then there are many released across theatres worldwide. It is quite expensive to watch every movie in a theatre and there are of course some, which may not get released in your region. And yet when you are looking for non-stop entertainment, watching a movie or binge-watching a web series is just what you need.

Many websites offer the chance for you to watch movies or shows or web series as and when you want. Some of them are the legal OTT platforms that you can subscribe to. But if you wish to watch them for free and on a single platform, then you can check out the Yesmovies website. The website offers a huge collection of movies, web series, reality TV shows, and multiple other entertainment options.

It is a pirated website with tons of pirated videos of your favorite movies, from your favorite movie industry, be it Hollywood or Bollywood. They also have a wide collection of regional language movies that you want to choose from. You just have to remember that the movies or the TV shows on this platform don’t have any subtitles and you have to be well versed in the language to watch them on this platform.

Yesmovies have different categories listed for different kinds of movies for easy selection. The uploads are easy to navigate as well and they continue to update their database regularly to ensure you have the latest collection always on demand. The interface is very simple to understand as well and even the most novice of computer users can easily use the platform and watch movies.

Is it legal to watch movies on Yesmovies?

Yesmovies is known to provide unlimited entertainment to its viewers, whatever be your chosen language of preference. You are probably already aware that they do not charge any money or fee for watching movies or downloading TV shows from their platform.

When you watch movies on a website or any platform without making any payment, then you are probably using a pirated version of your movies to watch. Even if it is a TV show, if you are watching it on illegal or pirated platforms, then it is an illegal act from your side.

Yesmovies, like every other website offering the latest movies and TV shows for free, is a pirated website. It offers videos of movies and TV shows and other entertainment content without copyright or explicit permission from the real owner. It is a punishable offense to stream, watch, or download any content from a pirated website, including Yesmovies.

Yesmovies safe or not

When it comes to passing time, there is nothing to beat the euphoria and nostalgia that a movie brings. Whether you are watching the latest movie or an old film you love, it is always the most emotionally satisfying entertainment option. Adding to the fact that there is no end to the list of movies you can watch, you just have non-stop entertainment right at your hands. If you are using Yesmovies, then you probably are already aware that it is a pirated website and the videos do not have copyright or permission from the owner.

While the website is pirated, the platform ensures safety to all its users. It is a torrent-based platform that does not seek any kind of personal information from you for using it. The files that you download are also safe from any kind of malware or other possible virus attacks.

Can I download movies from Yesmovies?

Of course, you can download any movie you want from Yesmovies. The platform facilitates easy viewing and downloading of content from all over the world to any device. The compatibility of the website across platforms makes it an easy choice for those who love to watch movies on the go. The option to download makes it easier for viewers to enjoy content without an internet connection at a later date, by downloading it earlier.

Yesmovies strives to provide nonstop entertainment to its users and they do this by providing easy download options on all the movies, reality shows, TV entertainment content on their platform. With no restriction on the number of downloads or the number of times you download, the entertainment is guaranteed to be nonstop with Yesmovies. The interface is simple to understand and anyone can use it to download any movie or show of their choice.

Yesmovies Bollywood movies

Bollywood has been constantly attracting attention when it comes to entertainment and there have been quite a few good movies and web series behind this. While you might want to see all the movies, you may not get to watch them all in the theatres or on OTTs where they are released. Of course, there is also the affordability factor to take into account. One cannot possibly watch all the movies in theatres or subscribe to all the OTT platforms. With the recent web series in the limelight for its interesting and exciting screenplays, you need a platform that helps you to watch them all and without stressing out your wallet.

Yesmovies is known for providing zero-cost entertainment and that is why it is quite famous among movie lovers. They have an unlimited supply of movies, shows, web series, etc. and if you love Bollywood entertainment, then you would find all you want on this platform.

Yesmovies Kollywood movies

Kollywood is what we dearly call the Tamil movie industry. If you love Tamil movies, or TV shows and game shows in Tamil then you would be delighted to know that Yesmovies has an endless supply of entertainment in Tamil for you. Easy to download or directly stream, the Kollywood movies are available in abundance at the Yesmovies website.

Yesmovies is known for its collection of movies and entertainment and they do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to enjoying movies from Kollywood either. You can use the filters to get the list of desired films by your favorite actors, actresses, directors, etc. This makes it easy to get your favorite shows or movies without any hassle. Also, it is easy to download with a single click of a button. Also, the site is known to have lesser pop-ups and ads to give you an uninterrupted experience.

Yesmovies Tollywood movies

Tollywood or the Telugu movie industry has produced some excellent movies and has become a hub for movies and other forms of entertainment. If you like Telugu movies and you want to watch them for free then Yesmovies is the place you want to head to. They have a huge collection of movies from the happening industry of Telugu movies along with multiple other shows from the same industry. You can also find a lot of Telugu dubbed movies on this platform. While there may not be movies available with Telugu subtitles, you will not be short of movies to watch in Telugu itself.

You can filter for your favorite Telugu movie, by its name or the cast of the movie. You can then choose to either stream the movie directly or download the movie to your device to watch it later. You only need a good device with more storage and a good connection while downloading.

How to use the Yesmovies website?

Yesmovies is designed to make it easy for anyone to access any movie or TV show they want, in any language of their choice, at any time they want. The website features an easy-to-use interface with simple instructions to follow onscreen. Whether you are streaming the show or video you want directly or you are downloading it for a later watch, you can do that with ease.

First, the movie or the TV show that you want to watch or download. You can filter for the same using the search option on the homepage of this website. Once you have selected the movie or the show, you can then choose the download or the play option on the video. Click on the download option and you will have the movie downloaded in the format of your choice to the device.

How do Yesmovies work?

Yesmovies is a torrent-based website that uses torrent servers for uploading content on its platform. It means that they find the pirated versions of the videos of the latest movies, TV shows, reality entertainment, etc., and download/upload them on the platform for users to view and download. The Yesmovies website uses the latest security measures to ensure that the files uploaded on the platform are devoid of any malware and are safe to download.

While the videos are pirated and illegal to view or download, they have multiple checks in place to ensure the users’ anonymity is well-protected. Furthermore, you don’t have to share any personal information to download and the service is free to use too. They have a whole plethora of videos uploaded and you can download them using the same torrent servers. They frequently update the videos to ensure that you have the latest collection and also the latest file for download at any time.

Few films currently available in Yesmovies

It is truly an endless list of films that you can watch and download from Yesmovies and they are the latest and most popular too. Some of the movies you can pick include Chapaak, Forensic, Oh My Kadavule, Bloodshot, Angrezi Medium, Baaghi 3, War, EkTha Tiger, Avengers: The End Game, Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo, etc.

How to contact the Yesmovies website?

If you have any questions or queries regarding the movies on the platform or you are looking for some show that you are unable to find then you can reach out to the admin using the contact information on the home page of this website. You can submit your query to get a response.

Do Yesmovies have HD movies?

Yesmovies has a whole plethora of movies in different languages and genres to cater to the different audience groups. Most importantly they have the movies in the HD format, the most desirable and clear format for watching movies and other entertainment shows. You can even download them in HD quality.

Best alternatives to Yesmovies

There might be a day when you are unable to access Yesmovies for various reasons or you are unable to find the TV show or movie you are looking for on this site. It is on such a day that you can check out other options for safely downloading pirated movies and videos. Here are a few alternatives collated for your reference.

  1. DVDVilla: This is a tested and classic website that has been among the popular choices of movie lovers. Whether you are looking for international English films or desi movies in different regional languages, this place has it all. There are also web shows, documentaries, series, and much more to cater to a wider audience.
  2. Gomovies: This is yet another interesting website with different TV shows, web series, and the latest movies listed for your picking. They offer you high-quality videos at no cost and the website is very easy to use as well.
  3. CMoviesHD: There are no interruptions when you are watching movies or TV shows on this website. You can of course download them as well at your convenience. A free-to-use site, the users often highlight the amazing experience of choosing and watching movies on this platform.
  4. GoGo anime: People generally find it tough to get their hands on their favorite anime on the same platform as movies or TV shows. If you are looking for some anime action, then this is the website to head to. With subtitles and dubbings, this is your haven for anime.
  5. HDMp4Mania: They have the best catalog of movies from almost every film industry you are looking for. They keep changing their domain to avoid a ban and have a pretty impressive downloading feature as well. They have different formats for downloading too, making it the topmost desired website for movies.


The article is designed to only provide the information you seek and does not support piracy. You have to remember that using or watching pirated videos and websites is a criminal offense and punishable. We urge you to use legally copyrighted platforms to watch your movies and TV shows or visit the theatres nearby.

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