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Tamilrasigan Website:

So, what is Tamilrasigan? As the name suggests it is a hub for Tamil movie lovers. But basically, Tamilrasigan is a platform that contains pirated movies that are illegally pirated and uploaded on this website. Tamilrasigan is one of the top websites on which you get the different genres of movies ranging from the popular ones to the latest released ones. People are always finding new ways/methods to entertain themselves, and movies are the best way to have a fun weekend or a good time together with your loved ones. The film industry which produces Tamil movies is the Kollywood film industry. This website has a wide content of Tamil movies to choose from. This website has a very good user interface and it is user-friendly that’s the main reason people love to use this website more than the other ones. It also contains other language movies such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and other South Indian-related movies and videos. This website’s main domain is South-related videos.

Also, this website is illegally pirated. On this website we can find the dubbed versions of other movies so, the person who doesn’t understand the original language can view the language he understands better. You can also use torrents to download from this website as this is an Indian torrent website but it is said to be operated from a different place. This website uploads the latest released movies within few hours of its release. This is an all-free website there is no need to pay a single penny to access its contents. In this article, we are going to share some information and shed some light on a few points regarding the website Tamilrasigan. So, let us get into it.

Is it legal to watch movies on Tamilrasigan?

For the people who love to watch movies and don’t have access to the OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime and so on, they turn to websites like this which provide the movies free of cost daily. So, people start using websites such as Tamilrasigan mostly because it is free of cost website.

But using such websites is deemed illegal in our country because piracy is a punishable offense for both the user and developer of the website. The cyber laws in the country are very strict and you can become easily vulnerable to it and liable to get heftily penalized. So, it is not ideal to break the laws of the country. So, we can conclude by saying it is not legal to watch movies on this website.

Is Tamilrasigan safe or not?

Questions like this always arise when you are using a pirated website. But there will always be a few risks involved whenever you use such pirated websites. But you must take precautions while using the website. The basic thing which keeps you and your device safe when using the website is a good secured connection or a VPN which makes your IP address almost difficult to track down by masking it. A good anti-virus for your device keeps the unknown virus from harming your device or any other suspicious things from getting downloaded.

This website is a pirated website and the government keeps monitoring the usage of such websites as piracy is illegal in India and you might get into serious trouble if you don’t follow the basic precautions mentioned above. So, as long as you follow them it is safe to use the website and there is no need to panic.

Can I download movies from Tamilrasigan?

The answer is simple yes, you can download movies from Tamilrasigan. This is a free-of-cost website, user-friendly too. So, you can download any movie of your choice with just a few clicks. This website has been called the notorious pirated web portal, as it provides all the movies of your choice to be downloaded and streamed. But this act is illegal in the eyes of the government as the movies are all pirated from the original movies.

This website provides the videos in all qualities to download ranging from 420p to 1080p and even HD quality movies, but as you go for a higher and better quality of the video the more data you have to spare. Though the website offers movies for free it is not legal to use the website as they are banned by the government and you using it may lead to legal actions and breaking of the cyber laws.

Tamilrasigan Bollywood movies

Whatever people say, Bollywood movies always have a special spot in the hearts of the people of this country. Most Indians prefer Bollywood movies over others. On this website, you will find the new Bollywood releases, and some of the old classic ones too. You might even find the dubbed version of the Bollywood movies over here so, the user can download the movie in their own desired language.

The website uploads the new releases within hours of their release so you can watch your favorite Bollywood movie here. The selection of movies to choose from maybe less as this website has more movies of Kollywood and Tollywood as the name suggests the website has its domain in the South Indian related language movies. But if you are lucky enough you might find the best of the Bollywood flicks on here. And not to worry the website already has a good collection of Bollywood movies.

Tamilrasigan Kollywood movies

Kollywood movies are those which are of Tamil language. And this website is one of the top websites which offer a good and wide range of Kollywood movies. Nowadays, Tamil movies are becoming more accessible they are on the same level of availability as Hindi and English movies. This website specially features the uploading of Kollywood movies. It also is easy to download because of its user-friendly interface. If you are a Kollywood movie lover then this website is the perfect choice for you. You also get dubbed Kollywood movies on here if you don’t understand the Tamil language. Kollywood movies are more of a good rhythmic screening. You will find some old classics to the freshly released movies on here. So, once again this website is the best choice for Kollywood movie lovers so go for it.

Tamilrasigan Tollywood movies

Tollywood is another South Indian film industry that is also a leading film industry. Tollywood movies are of Telugu language, nowadays people are watching different language movies irrespective of their region and the language they speak. On this website, you will find a decent collection of Tollywood flicks. These movies are available in different qualities to be downloaded. Even if you don’t find some old Tollywood movies you still have a wide range to choose from the latest collection of movies. The website keeps updating with new content of Tollywood movies whenever a new movie is released and it is available to be downloaded free of cost on the website.

You might even find some dubbed movies which you can download and stream or watch online. You get all the popular movies of the Tollywood movie industry on here so, there is no need to search more, just get to downloading your favorite Tollywood movie on here and enjoy it.

How to use the Tamilrasigan website?

Tamilrasigan’s website is very easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. This website has been made in such a way that it is available to everyone because of its simple software. Just by going on this website, you will right away understand how to use it. The following steps might be useful just for your reference on how to use the website for quick results.

  • Search for Tamilrasigan on your Google search engine. Then select the website. Some links might show errors but you will eventually find the right link.
  • After entering the website, go for the search box on the website and search for the movie you want.
  • Now click on the movie and then click download, usually for downloading the movie the quality will be 720p.
  • But if you want to watch it online then go to the bottom of the page and select the quality of video you want and stream it online.

How does Tamilrasigan work?

The website works in a very user-friendly manner. It doesn’t have any glitches on its website and it also isn’t complex software. This website allows its users to stream or download their favorite movies rapidly. It just takes around 20-30 minutes maximum to download a movie of high quality. It uses up very little of your data just a few MB to download and if you are streaming on high quality it might take a maximum of 1.5GB and that’s all.

The developers of this website must be very careful while uploading a new movie on the website as it is a pirated website. They usually use a secured connection with a VPN so that the government can’t track their IP address. Running such a pirated website requires a lot of work as they should keep making changes in the URLs so their site cannot be tracked easily because it is completely illegal to run such websites.

Few movies are available currently in Tamilrasigan.

The website has a huge and wide collection of movies of different languages but, mostly comprises Tamil language movies. The popular ones currently on the website are SARBATH, Jagame Thandhiram, Kadhal (Premam), MASTER, Jaanu, and so on.

How to contact the Tamilrasigan website?

The website doesn’t have any contact information or contact numbers. There aren’t any customer services available for this website. Hence, if you are facing any issues with this website for downloading or streaming online just close the website, refresh your device, clear the cache and start again to get uninterrupted results.

Does Tamilrasigan have HD movies?

The website provides many HD videos to choose from based on the quality and movie you choose. It contains all the newly released movies and all of them are HD quality. So, yes you do get good HD quality movies on here.

Best alternatives to Tamilrasigan

Even if it’s the best website to stream or download movies it is still not possible to find all the movies on one platform. The existing website may not work properly as too many people might be using the website. Or the website might be undergoing some changes in its URLs to keep safe from the government and cyber laws of the country. There aren’t many substitutes for this website that work in the same way. But some websites that serve as an alternative are as follows.

  1. Tamilrockers: This website is also a pirated torrent website which is one of the popular websites. The website has a simple structure and isn’t too complicated. It contains movies and a series of different languages which are easy to download or stream online, which makes it the best alternative.
  2. Movierulz: This website also contains South Indian language movies that are pretty much easy to be viewed. The website offers HD quality videos and you can download them for less data compared to other websites. So, this data-saving website can be a good alternative too.
  3. 123Movies: The website has content that is desirable by most of them. It consists of main movies dubbed versions, original versions, HD quality movies, and so on. This website has many links to choose from and each of them has a good collection of movies. The download takes less time and less data. The website will be the top choice for the alternative.


The website Tamilrasigan is an all-around website. No doubt it contains many good flicks to be enjoyed but, at the same time, it is risky to be using the website as it is pirated. The developers of the pirated websites pirating the movies don’t realize how much it is affecting the hard work of the filmmakers by giving them a huge loss. By using this website you are making yourself vulnerable to the cyber laws of the country and can have high repercussions as piracy is illegal in our country, India.

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