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Solarmovie Website:

Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood or other regional film industries, Indians have always been fond of watching movies and no matter the age group, everyone loves watching movies. Not only movies, but this fondness has also spread for TV series and OTT series that are being released one after the other every month by various production houses. The only problem that threatens Indians is the hefty charges of OTT platforms and movie theatres that come in way of their entertainment. Hence, many Indians are actively switching to downloading movies from free, pirated sites to enjoy in their free time. One such free movie site is Solarmovie which was introduced a few years back in India and not only here, it is also functional in many other countries and has tons of movies and series from all over the world.

Despite being a relatively newer site to be introduced and renovated recently, this popular free movie site has already amassed a huge follower base and active users crossing millions around the world. This is because of their difference in serving the users compared to other pirated sites that use advertisements and frequent pop-ups that degrade the movie experience. Solarmovie serves users to download or stream movies and TV series for free without popups, malware, viruses, or advertisements, making it one of the best sites among movie lovers. Not only this, but it also has tons of HD quality content with subtitles in diverse languages.

The portal Solarmovie offers you with

  1. A vast content library housing endless free movies and TV series.
  2. High resolution content – HD and 720p
  3. Seamless no-interruption, ad-free streaming experience
  4. Secured online streaming sources
  5. Regular updates including the latest releases
  6. Easy user interface and UX
  7. A mobile-friendly site and Chromecast support.
  8. No signup required
  9. Superb customer support

Is it legal to watch movies on Solarmovie?

Technically, Solarmovie is a legalized site as it circulates pirated content like movies and series from all across the globe. Hence, if caught by the cyber department, there can be really serious charges on grounds of infringement of cyber laws and copyright policies of India. However, the site takes good measures to form such incidents from happening. On the users’ side, such problems seldom occur with free movie sites and the cybercrime department does not chase general citizens for downloading pirated content from such sites. The charges are usually laid on the website owners. However, if you are using a VPN for extra safety, there’s nothing to worry about.

Is Solarmovie safe or not?

When compared to other similar sites offering free movies, Solarmovie is an extremely safe website with various precautionary measures taken on its side. They strive to provide movie lovers with free movies at no risk of data loss, virus attacks, or hacking. Hence, they have made extra efforts to keep away irritating popups, advertisements, malware, viruses, and unnecessary links on their website. Thus, the site is extremely safe overall. Talking about the legal aspects, this is a pirated site which means it is illegal to share or download content from them. However, there are no such criminal problems that trouble users if they stream online or use a VPN to hide their IP address while downloading content from the site. Just like any other site, Solarmovie has also kept serious measures to avoid any cybercrime-related charges pressing on them.

Can I download movies from Solarmovie?

Solarmovie is one of the most popular free pirated movie platforms available to the outside citizens and they have amassed a lot of followers and fan base touching over millions of downloads within the short span which they have started operating. The site is vast and has an impressive range of TV series, shows, and films from all genres and countries to enjoy. So, you can download any movie from their site for free in diverse video quality if they have the movie in their library. Alternatively, you could also watch the film on their site without downloading. The site also runs ad-free so there are no worries of getting troubled.

Solarmovie Bollywood movies.

Bollywood being the biggest film industry in our country has a special spot for movie lovers in our country. Not only Indians but also foreigners equally enjoy watching Bollywood films and TV series. It is because of this that sites like Solarmovie houses a ton of Bollywood films and series in high video quality. According to your convenience, you can either stream online or download from the site to enjoy on your own. They have content of all kinds of video qualities from 720p to HD and so on. Hence, you will have the same experience as watching on a proper OTT platform such as Netflix. The popular Bollywood movies you can find on the Solarmovie website are Shershaah, Ludo, Searching for Sheela, Coolie No. 1, Roohi, Mumbai Diaries 26/11, and so on. You can find many others including some new releases within hours by searching on the search bar given at the top right corner.

Solarmovie Kollywood Movies

Next to Bollywood, Solarmovie has gained much fame for its vast library containing movies in regional languages as well as dubbed movies. Solarmovie houses movies in all kinds of languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and so on. Kollywood is one of the top 3 film industries in India has a lot of fan following and inevitably, Solarmovie has loaded their website library with a lot of Kollywood movies as well. You can find different films and short films front the Kollywood industry in diverse video qualities. You can simply search with the name of the film in their search bar and get the related search results. You can then choose the film from the result – if it is available in their library it will show up in the search results. They also update their library from time to time with the latest releases and you might find new movies within only a few hours of their release.

Solarmovie Tollywood movies

Although the entertainment industry in India is largely dominated by Bollywood makers, the fame of other regional industries has also reached miles away such that many Tollywood films are also available on international sites like Solarmovie. This site has many interesting and top hits among the Tollywood industry for movie lovers to enjoy in good quality. Not only this, but the Solarmovie website also offers subtitles for these movies in different languages which means even if you do not understand the language, you can still enjoy Telugu films by watching online on Solarmovie or downloading from the site. You can find many Telegu movies on this site just by searching with the name. For starters, the site has the popular Tollywood movies Geetha Govindam, Bahubali: The Introduction, and so on. The site also has various dubbed movies for you to enjoy in your free time.

How to use the Solarmovie website?

The Solarmovie site does not have hundred other dope sites that can confuse users while searching for movies the site has kept their existence clear and safe and they operate through only one domain. If you search by the name ‘Solarmovie’ on Google, it takes you to the one and only official page of Solarmovie that is simple to use. The website is amazingly organized by dividers that separate various genres, languages, and countries. They also have separate sections for shows, series, and movies, making the search process quick and easy.  If you can still not find the movie you are searching for, you can use the search bar given at the top right corner of the site. Simply type in the movie or series name and it will show all the related search results from which you can choose the one you need. Just check the details and download or stream online as you wish in whichever quality you want.

How does Solarmovie work?

The Solarmovie website is managed by a group of technical professionals with high knowledge on how to manage a pirated site and provide free movies without exposing the user to other threats. The site has the simplest makeover if you look at it. Starting from an easily found search bar where you can type in the movie name to a no-popup function, this site is the best free movie site available currently. They strive to offer free movies through a safe channel where the user’s device is protected from all kinds of viruses and malware. In fact, they also keep on updating their official domain on their site to avoid fake dopes from misleading users. Solarmovie is a pirated site and hence has to often use VPNs, mirror links, and change URLs frequently to hide from the cyber department and escape any charges of content piracy. However, there’ no reason to worry as streaming movies online on their site does not put you in any danger.

Few movies are available currently on Solarmovie

The Solarmovie site is home to a vast collection of Tv series, films, and other entertainment content from various film industries around the world like Bollywood, Hollywood, and so on. English series, short films, and movies in high-quality and for free. You can find tons of new releases from time to time on their site and the most popular ones you can find now are Hindi Medium, Shershaah, Bombay Begums, Coolie No. 1, Mismatched, Ludo, and so on.

How to contact the Solarmovie website?

Solarmovie has uploaded their contact information directly on their website. You can find the details on their sites in the ‘Contact us’ area if you search carefully. They usually allow queries through email and you can send yours too via email. They receive a lot of business inquiries via their email as it is the only way of contacting them. Hence, you might have to wait patiently for a response but they will respond back for sure.

Does Solarmovie have HD movies?

Despite being a new entry in the Indian market to serve movie lovers with free movies and series, Solarmovie has already built an impressive collection of HD movies from all genres, castings, and languages. Hence, you can download many HD movies from their library, and not only this, but they also have movies in other forms like 720p, 360p, 1080p, Ultra HD, and so on.

Best alternatives to Solarmovie

Solarmovie is a comparatively newer site operating in India that offers free movies for downloading those who cannot afford to pay for OTT platforms. Despite being a new entry in India, it has already amassed a lot of free movies of high quality for movie lovers. Nevertheless, you may still not find some movie or series you are looking for at times when other free alternatives will serve your entertainment cravings better. Here are the top 3 free movie sites that are satisfactory alternatives to Solarmovie.

  1. Filmywap – no one can deny they haven’t heard this name while living in India. Starting from songs to movies, series, and much more, Filmywap has served as a one-stop site for everything related to entertainment for ages. They host a large number of free movies in good picture quality and also fewer or no ads on their website which makes it one of the best sites for movies.
  2. Watch free – if you are ever searching for some rare movies and cannot find them for free on any site, make sure to check this site called ‘Watch free’ once and you may turn out to be lucky. This website has tons of rare movies and even the latest releases from all film industries around the world – Bollywood, Hollywood, and so on.
  3. 123Movies – the other free site that deserves a mention among the top 3 free movie sites in India is this. Whether you have heard about 123Movies, or GoMovies, or MeMovies, it’s basically the same website. Browse through an unending library of free movies from countries across the world and enjoy at your own pace by downloading or streaming online.

Not only these three but there are also several other free platforms on the internet that are popular for their huge collection of free movies. In fact, there are endless alternatives to Solarmovie especially because most Indians these days prefer enjoying movies at home by downloading for free rather than paying fees for OTT platforms or cinema halls. There are also many legal alternatives that are far better than these free sites as the former has no legal problems or piracy concerns associated with them.


All these sites are illegal as they circulate pirated content which according to Indian law is punishable and is considered to be a cybercrime. The sites also have a high risk of getting the user trapped in virus attacks, data loss, and so on. Due to various such reasons and also to pay respect to the entertainment industry, it is always advised to watch movies by paying a small amount of fee that they deserve for their talent and hard work.

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