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Putlocker Website:

Everybody has a hectic and busy schedule nowadays, they do not even have time for themselves to take rest, have peace of mind, and relax. There are many forms of entertainment that people choose to relax and take a break from their busy schedule, but the movies and series top the list as they are the most popular and easiest way of entertainment. People love to watch movies and series, especially Indians, who are big fans of movies. They go to movies every weekend in theatres or use various OTT platforms to watch their favorite movies and series. The main problem of these theatres and OTT platforms is that they charge a fortune for streaming these movies and web series. That is why people are turning towards several pirated websites that provide numerous movies on their sites that are available for streaming and downloading. They are completely free to use, watch movies, and download.

The site was launched recently and it didn’t take much time to set up their business and earn a huge fan following. They provide exclusive content that is very difficult to find and other platforms and movie theatres can charge a lot for them. They have a huge library of movies from all genres and languages with all ranges of qualities. Their aim is to provide a world-class experience to their users, that is why they minimize the use of ads on their website and they also reduce the pop-ups so that the users don’t have to tumble on their site. They provide all movies from the best collections and they also provide the newly released movies just within a few hours of their release. But they are pirated sites and we recommend not to use such sites for any activities like streaming or downloading.

The portal Putlocker offers you with :

  1. A wide-ranged library that contains numerous free movies and TV series.
  2. High-quality videos and content- HD and 720p
  3. Ad-free experience that gives a seamless streaming and downloading option.
  4. Frequent updates that provide you with the newest releases and updates.
  5. One of the easiest and fastest user interface experiences.

Is it legal to watch movies on Putlocker?

Technically, Putlockers is not a legal site as it shares pirated content like films and series that are associated with copyright issues, and the movies that are available are from different parts of the world. According to Indian cyber laws, sharing of copyrighted media or pirated content is a punishable offense in India and if anyone is caught sharing these items online by the cyber department, really stringent penalties and charges are laid on them on grounds of infringement of cyber laws. However, there’s nothing to worry about the website Putlocker takes enough precautionary measures to prevent such events from occurring. Similarly, as a user, you can hide your IP address by using a VPN and thus avoid any problems associated with the consumption of pirated content which can also attract serious fines and penalties if caught by the cyber department of India.

Is Putlocker safe or not?

In contrast to other similar sites offering free movies, Putlocker is a relatively safer site operating with various precautionary measures to keep the website safe from viruses, malware, hackers, and so on. The site owners strive to offer movie fans with a free supply of films and series without any risk of malware infecting the user’s device, virus threats, data losses, or hacking. Thus, the site managers take extra efforts to ensure no harm is done to the user while downloading or streaming online content. The site also has controlled and limited pop-ups, ads, and unnecessary links to provide an uninterrupted experience. Hence, the website is managed in an extremely safe manner.

Can I download movies from Putlocker?

Putlocker is gradually becoming a prominent name in the free movie download websites and is considered to be one of the best-pirated platforms to download and enjoy all kinds of movies from all over the world. The movies, series, and other video content that are available on the site have already witnessed millions of downloads from all over the world. The website has an extensive selection of movies and also an equally impressive range of TV series, and other content as per your needs. In simple words, yes, you can surely download series and movies (whatever is available on their library) from their library for free of cost and in diverse video formats. Alternatively, you can also choose to watch the movie directly on their website without downloading it on your device.

Putlocker Bollywood movies

Bollywood is the most prominent movie industry in India and thus Bollywood movies have a special place in the hearts of Indian movie lovers. Not only Indian movie lovers but foreigners living outside India enjoy Bollywood storylines, songs, and acting equally. This is the reason why free movie downloading websites like Putlocker houses a long list of Bollywood movies and series to enjoy in high video quality. As per your convenience, you can both watch the movie online or stream online and download it on your device in a particular video quality to enjoy in your free time. They have all kinds of movies, series, and content in diverse video formats for different requirements starting from 720p to HD quality, and so on. Their high-quality videos give the same experience while watching the movie on a legal OTT site like YouTube, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and so on. As with the other sites, Putlocker also updates its library frequently to stay updated and keep ahead of the game. Thus, you can sometimes find new releases within a few hours by searching using the movie name on the search bar available at Putlocker’s site.

Putlocker Kollywood Movies

After Bollywood, Putlocker has an equally vast library of movies from the Kollywood industry, i.e., Tamil language and dubbed movies. Putlocker offers Tamil movies in different genres, ratings, and cast to enjoy in your free time.  As you might already know, Kollywood is among the top 3 movie industries in India with a huge fan base and thus, Putlocker has a huge stock of Kollywood movies on their website. You will get numerous Kollywood movies, series, and short films from the Kollywood industry available on the website in diverse video quality. You will just need to search using the movie name in Putlocker’s search bar to get all the related search results on a new page. Then, just choose the option from the obtained results – if the movie you searched for is available in their collection, it will be shown in the search results. Putlocker frequently updates its movie library within regular and short intervals and loads the library with the newest releases.

Putlocker Tollywood movies

Although the Indian entertainment industry is largely occupied by Bollywood lovers, the recent fame and successes of the Indian regional film industries like Tollywood have been immense too. The fame has increased multifold and such Tollywood films have gained fans miles away from the country. This is why many Tollywood films can now be found on sites like Putlocker. This website houses loads of interesting movies and top hits from the Tollywood film industry that are popular among movie lovers. Moreover, the Putlocker free movie site also provides subtitle files for the movies and series in different languages. This means you can enjoy the movie even if you don’t know the language. Their subtitles and dubbed videos are the best way of enjoying Telugu films. You just need to search using the names and you will find several popular Telugu films on the site.

How to use the Putlocker website?

The Putlocker website often changes domain to be safe and hidden from the cyber department’s eyes. Hence, you have to find the correct domain by searching ‘Putlocker’ on Google and go to any of the search results on top of the page. Their site is extremely organized and easy to navigate by anyone. Their site features organized sections divided into movies, countries, TV series, and so on that have the list of all content they have under those categories. Apart from that, the site also has an easily identifiable search bar where you can search with the movie or series name to get the related results. The results page consists of all the closest search results where you can find your desired movie. Choose the option, make sure the video quality is ideal for your viewing, and click on the ‘Download’ option to start the download. The site may direct you to some pop-ups which you need to close immediately to avoid any problems. You can also enjoy the movie through online streaming on the site.

How does Putlocker work?

The Putlocker website is controlled by a team of highly skilled technical professionals with immense knowledge about managing a pirated library to provide free content without getting caught by the cyber department. The Putlocker site is made with a simple makeover. Designed with a simple look that features a quick search bar to make searches on the website, the backend of the site is as complex as the simplicity of the frontend. The site is a pirated movie site which means the owners have to be very cautious about cybercrime charges and keep their site hidden from the government. To do this, they have to use several measures like the use of mirror links, VPNs, and frequently change their domains to hide from the government’s eyes. Despite such complex management of the site, the owners keep the library updated with the latest releases. Overall, their site is very easy to grasp and can be navigated easily by even newbies.

Few movies are available currently on Putlocker

The Putlocker website is a huge library of Tv series, movies, and many such free entertainment contents covering diverse genres, film industries, casts, languages, and so on from around the world. If you are ever bored and need some interesting movies to watch for free, do not hesitate to check out Putlocker’s vast collection of different series, movies, short films, and much more in high video quality at absolutely no cost. The most popular movies you can find on the site Putlocker are Hindi Medium, Shershaah, Bahubali, Ludo, and so on.

How to contact the Putlocker website?

Putlocker’s contact details are uploaded clearly on their site in the ‘Contact’ section. You can use the details given there to send any queries to them. The site owners usually receive a lot of requests and inquiries through their communication channels. This means it might take a while for them to get back to your query. They will surely respond to your query if you send it to the correct address uploaded on their website.

Does Putlocker have HD movies?

Despite being a rare name among Indians as a free movie downloading site, Putlocker has been ahead of the game by a huge selection of HD movies from all genres, castings, and languages. Hence, you can download many HD movies from their library, and not only this, but they also have movies in other forms like 720p, 360p, 1080p, Ultra HD, and so on.

Best alternatives to Putlocker

Putlocker is a lesser-known free movie site in India but it has been established long back and is very common outside India. The site is loaded with all kinds of films and series from Bollywood, Hollywood, and many other industries. However, being a pirated site, there comes times when the site locks access due to legal notices. Hence, here are the names of the top 3 alternative websites for downloading or streaming free movies when Putlocker is not functional.

  1. Filmywap – Filmywap is the go-to solution for anyone searching for songs and movies, especially rare ones or newly launched movies. The site is one of the oldest in India and has the heart of every movie lover.
  2. Watch free – watch free website is popular among individuals who love binge-watching Hollywood movies and series and also have a little knack for Bollywood. Watch free has a lot of free content on their site from both these film industries that you can enjoy for free.
  3. 123Movies – everyone at one point or other in their life has downloaded movies or songs from this site. With a user base crossing millions and uncountable free downloads every minute, 123Movies’ vast collection deserves a special mention as an alternative to Putlocker.

These are just a few among the thousands of free movie sites available on the internet that offer free downloads and a seamless streaming experience at no extra cost. Apart from these, there are also few legal sites like Netflix, YouTube, Disney Hotstar, etc. that have legal permission to share or launch movies and series. By opting for these sites, you not only save yourself a lot of hassle at a nominal cost to pay but also strive to be a law-abiding citizen of the country.


All the free movie websites are illegal in their operation because they share pirated movies and other content which according to the Indian Constitution is punishable by law and falls under a criminal offense. These platforms also have other risks associated with virus attacks, malware, data loss, and so on. Due to these problems and also to honor the hard work of the people involved in filmmaking, it is always best to watch movies legally through OTT platforms and movie halls by paying a small bit that they deserve.

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