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Project Free TV Website:

Movies and series are one of the top industries around the world and have a huge fan following irrespective of the culture, language, region, and so on. Having said that, the movie subscription plans being offered by OTT platforms today are touching the sky day by day. This is why most people search for free movie and series downloading sites to get entertained without spending a dime. Project free tv is a free pirated site housing a plethora of web series and movies in diverse languages, genres, and cultures. Primarily, it offers English or Hollywood TV series, movies, and web series but also has some Bollywood movies on the website.

The website Project free tv is one of the top worldwide popular sites for surfing free entertainment – whether it be series or movies in high video quality. While they specialize in English movies and series, they also have some popular Hindi picks and Indian regional movies under their belt. So if you often watch English movies or series, you will definitely find this site useful. So, if you are ever searching for some rarely found free English movies and series with subtitles, you must check out this site first. You can find various content on their website in diverse formats – 720p, 1080p, 360p, HD, Ultra HD, and so on.

The portal Project free tv offers you with

  1. An endless list of English, Hindi, and regional movies, TV shows, web series.
  2. Free of cost online surfing and downloading at any time from any place.
  3. Easy to navigate the site
  4. Easy download option in various formats – HD, 720p, 360p, 1080p, and many others.
  5. High demand Web series in HD-quality like that are rarely found for free without a subscription.
  6. Limited ads or sometimes zero ads that give uninterrupted streaming.

Is it legal to watch movies on Project-free tv?

Because of free of cost movies being made available on a daily basis by pirated sites like Project free tv, there is a huge crowd using these websites every day to watch old as well as newly released films. But if you want to delve in-depth into the legality paraphernalia, it is not legal in our country to distribute pirated content online or even view such pirated movies.

As per Indian cyber laws, streaming or downloading content from pirated sites is a punishable offense for both parties involved. The content uploaded on the Project free tv site is pirated and thus has a high chance of getting the user into cyber law infringement issues. Thus, it is ideal not to disobey the law of a country by downloading or streaming pirated content on sites such as this. If your IP address gets caught by the cyber department, you are liable to a hefty penalty.

Is Project-free tv safe or not?

There will always be some risks involved when you are using a pirated website like this. You can always take precautions to protect your device before going online on these sites like keeping an anti-virus software ready and functional on your device that protects it. Alternatively, you can also stop anything suspicious from getting downloaded on your device from such sites. If you take care of these two things, there is no reason to panic as overall Project-free tv is a safe site.

Another thing to take care of is the cyber laws of the country. A country like India has stringent laws and Governmental organizations continuously monitor these websites to ban them. If your IP address is not being masked by a VPN, you are at high risk of getting caught by cyber officials and penalized for piracy issues.

Can I download movies from Project free tv?

Project free tv is one of the most favorite pirated movie sites on the internet with millions of downloads on their engine. The website has a huge collection of movies of all genres and languages, and the site gives you the freedom to watch or download any of your favorite movies. The movies present on the Project free tv site are completely free of cost and don’t cost you a single penny, you may need to tackle some ads during download but the developers try to minimize the ads.

They have a user-friendly website that allows you to download the movie of your choice easily with just a click of a button. They also provide you the files with fewer data requirements and good HD quality. Though Project free tv offers you movies that are free to download or watch, they are not legal to use and are banned by the government, so using such sites may lead to legal actions and breaking of laws.

Project free tv Bollywood movies.

Movies are one of the biggest entertainment subjects and they come in hundreds of genres and many languages. People love to watch movies of all genres and languages and Bollywood movies top the chart of being the most popular types. The type of a movie mainly depends on its language, so the Bollywood movies are those which are made in the Hindi language, and it is one of the biggest movie industries of India. The Project free tv offers a wide range of Bollywood movie libraries to their users with a dedicated collection for the most popular movies and the latest released ones. You can watch your favorite latest movie just after a few hours of their release.

You can simply get the Bollywood movie of your choice by searching the name in their search bar or by surfing their website collections of Bollywood movies. You get movies of all qualities, so if you want a movie with limited data then you can go for lower quality movies and if you want HD movies then you can choose the quality while downloading or watching them online.

Project free tv Kollywood Movies

Kollywood movies are another popular movie type that is very famous among the people of south India, and also among the people from several parts of the country. If you also want to enjoy your favorite Kollywood movies in your free time with yourself or with your loved ones then you are at the right place. The Project free tv offers you a wide range of Kollywood movies from the most popular ones to the latest released ones, and you can get the freshly released movies just after a few hours of their release as the site uses pirated servers to import these movies in such short timings. You can also get dubbed Kollywood movies on this site so if you do not understand the Tamil language but you love Kollywood movies then Project-free tv is the best option for you.

Project free tv Tollywood movies

Telugu movies or Tollywood movies are an integral part of the south Indian movie industry, and they are very famous among the people who love action sequences and peppy music. These movies have a mind-blowing direction, and the storylines are also very good. This is why Project free tv has an extensive library of Tollywood movies that contains Tollywood movies of almost all genres and also has dubbed movies that are loved by people from other parts of the country. You can get all the movies that are very popular in the industry and the movies that are new and released in just a few hours. You can simply watch them online or can download them on your device to watch them whenever and wherever you want. But we recommend you avoid using these sites because they are banned by the government and it is illegal to download or watch any content from these sites.

How to use Project free tv website?

The Project free tv website is made by keeping the simplicity intact and is extremely user-friendly. It is considered to be easier to use than its other alternatives on the internet, you can simply browse any of your choices easily from this site, you don’t have to be geeky or tech-savvy to surf through this website. You can just search the Project free tv on google or other search engines and click on the first link that appears on the list, and then the movie lists and collections appear just in front of you all managed and organized. You can also search for your favorite movies in the search bar provided on the website or you can simply find them by looking into the dedicated collections and libraries on the site. You also get a dedicated button below the movies for download/ watch options so that you can simply choose your preferred option and start streaming the movie of your choice.

How does Project free tv work?

The Project free tv has a very easy and simple user interface that makes many people think that it doesn’t have any complex workings behind it. But it is not the truth, the developers have kept the interface easy to use so that the users do not have to face problems while watching or downloading their favorite content from the site but Project free tv is a pirated site and running such a site at this scale requires a lot of background work. They use various VPNs, mirror links to keep the connection secure and away from the eyes of the government. They have to change their URLs and IP addresses continuously so that their site is not tracked by the government because it is completely illegal to run such websites.

Few movies are available currently on Project free tv.

The Project free tv houses a huge collection of English series, short films, and movies in high-quality and for free. Some of the popular ones you can surf on their website include Black Widow, Slumdog Millionaire, Hindi Medium, Megalodon Rising, PLan A, Man vs Bigfoot, Riverdale, Titans, Star Wars, and so on.

How to contact Project free tv website?

Project free tv’s contact details are mentioned on their website in the ‘Contact us’ section. You can use the details given over there to contact the website owners for any business inquiries. They usually get a lot of emails and might give you a response after some time and not always immediately.

Does Project free Tv have HD movies?

Yes, Project free Tv houses a huge library of HD movies from across the world in diverse languages and genres that you can stream online or download on your device. These movies are not only available in HD quality but also in various other formats like 720p, 360p, 1080p, Ultra HD, and so on.

Best alternatives to Project-free TV:

Project-free tv will fulfill all your movie demands with its exhaustive library of old and new launches in good quality. However, due to various reasons involving cyber laws, you might not gain access to their website at times. You may even not find a certain movie you want to watch on their site all the time. In such situations, it’s better if you know some free alternatives to Project-free tv to keep your movie fever smooth. Here we have listed down some of the best free alternatives to Project free tv with an equally vast selection of old and new TV series, movies, and web series.

  1. Tubi TV – This is another free online streaming service based in the US with a large collection of TV shows and movies. You can watch online or download content from their website to watch anywhere. They have American shows, Indian shows, as well as adult content.
  2. Watch free – this site consists of several movies, news, sports, music, and various other content. You can stream through a variety of genres, languages, and shows from more than 100 channels on this website for free.
  3. 123Movies – whether you know it by 123Movies, or other names like GoMovies, MeMovies, and others, everyone knows about this site housing a huge collection of movies from countries around the world. They offer free movie downloading and streaming services to their users and are a popular choice across several countries. 123Movies has over 98 million users and is one of the top alternatives to Project free tv.

Apart from the above-mentioned sites, there are also many other names like YouTube, Netflix, etc which are legal alternatives to project free tv. Though they might cost you a bit (or not!)These are legal sites and will save you a lot of hassle and risk of getting involved in movie piracy.


To pay respect and value to the hard work of filmmakers, scriptwriters, actors, and the entire crew, we strongly encourage purchasing the original movies from legal sites. On watching movies on pirated sites, you are prone to attack by hackers, computer viruses, and also more importantly infringing cyber and copyright laws of the country.

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