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There are times when you may get extremely bored and would have nothing to do. The journeys in train, buses and local transport are a real deal when you don’t have any proper means of entertainment. Everyone craves watching something on their weekends or after a long tiring day for a refreshment or a change, and the main source of entertainment nowadays are Netflix, prime videos, and other paid subscription streaming apps and sites. These sites and apps ask a fortune as their subscription charges, so it can be very hard to take different subscriptions for watching different shows. So what about having all your favorite series and movies in one place? Openload is the solution for all your problems. They have an extensive library that can provide you with all your favorite movies and series including the newest release and all-time favorites too. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies and series of every language and genre without any restrictions.

You can get all your movies and entertainment solutions sorted on the OpenLoad site without any charges or any terms and conditions. They mainly provide you with Hollywood movies with a wide collection of all genres and types, and you also get a pretty good listing of Bollywood movies. The best part about this website is that its contents are free to download as well as a stream so you can simply watch your favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere without any subscription cost. You can take time off from your busy schedule and can watch the movie, T.V series, and videos of your choice any time or anywhere by simply downloading them beforehand or by streaming them online. But it is recommended not to use these sites because they are not legal to use in India and are strictly banned by the government.

Is it legal to watch movies on OpenLoad?

You can indeed get all the Hollywood movies of your choice and some Bollywood movies on the OpenLoad site for free. There are multiple options to watch or download your favorite content by just clicking a single button. They provide you with a wide collection of content that is categorized according to their genres and languages. But we recommend avoiding using this site as they are not at all legal and the government has imposed serious restrictions on the running and usage of these types of pirated sites. The main reason for this ban is that these sites are pirated and piracy is strictly illegal because it affects the hard work of the creators in many ways. If you still want to use the site then you should take necessary precautions beforehand so that you may not face any problems and get caught in any piracy actions by the government.

Is OpenLoad Safe or not?

If you are fond of watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies to get away from reality and get some relaxation but you don’t want to buy expensive subscriptions for several movie and video streaming sites, then you can simply rely on OpenLoad. But every good thing comes with one or another drawback, the Openload also has one drawback. It is advised to not use these websites as they are not legalized by the government and can have different viruses and stuff that can easily harm your device in which it is logged in. So you should always see for the safety of your devices before using Openload and take the required precautions. The site uses pirated sources to provide the best and the latest movies and series, so if you are using it for watching or downloading anything then you are supporting piracy. So it is recommended to always avoid using these pirated and illegal sites.

Can I download movies from OpenLoad?

Openload is a movie streaming site that has an extensive collection of movies, series, and other videos that are loved by everyone. They also provide the newest movies or series that are released recently on the theatres or different online platforms. Several sites allow you to stream your favorite movie online, but it can be a challenge when you have limited internet data or you are going to a place where internet connections are not stable then downloading your content is the best option. The Openload provides you with the best and easiest option to download the movie or video of your choice with just a single click and you get them in different quality and subtitle options. So now you can enjoy your movies anytime and anywhere by downloading them beforehand by spending fewer data and getting higher quality videos without ads and watermarks.

OpenLoad Bollywood Movies

Openload is basically a movie and series streaming site that has an extensive library of movies and series from different genres and languages. They may have a wide range of Hollywood movies and series and they focus on providing these movies more than the other ones. But Bollywood is the star of the movie world and a collection without Bollywood is incomplete, so Openload also has a range of Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies act as an escape from reality for a short duration and people love to watch them. That is why Openload provides Bollywood movies of all genres and they have a separate library for the Bollywood movies so that you do not have to browse through the site for finding the movie of your choice. You can get all the Bollywood movies from the 90’s genre to the newly released ones, so you can enjoy movies from every genre without any cost and restrictions on the Openload.

OpenLoad Kollywood Movies

Kollywood movies or Tamil movies also have a large fan following as they have their audience from all over south India. They are mainly famous for their action and songs that electrify one’s body. There are numerous Kollywood movies releasing frequently, and Openload is a site that claims to provide the newest released Kollywood movies just within a few hours of their release. So you can get your favorite Kollywood movies for free on this site and can stream them or download them whenever you want with just a click. But it is recommended to not use these pirated sites for streaming or downloading any content as it is completely illegal and banned by the government.

OpenLoad Tollywood Movies

The other genre in the list is the Tollywood or Telugu movie, they are also a very famous genre in the film industry and provide newly released movies often with a very short gap. The Openload has a greater range of Hollywood movies but they also provide a wide range of Tollywood movies because of their large fan-following download rate. People find sites and apps that can provide them with their favorite Tollywood movies free of cost, so Openload has come up with the solution and has made a wide collection of Tollywood movies that can be streamed or downloaded easily anytime and anywhere.

How to use the OpenLoad website

The developers of the Openload site are very focused on the comfort of their audience, in spite of having such amazing features like one-click download, seamless streaming activities, organized library, and enhanced search bar they have a very easy user interface that can be used by any new user without facing any issue. You just have to search the term Openload on your search engine and click on the first link that appears. Then you can simply find the movie of your choice from their distinguished genre and language list or you can simply search your preferred movie from their search button. Then there are different options that allow you to stream them online or simply download them with a single and intact single click. It is always recommended by us to avoid using these sites because they are pirated and it is illegal to use.

How does OpenLoad work

The Openload site has a very easy user interface and people love to glide through the site to find and watch their favorite content. Little do they know about the struggles and hardships that the owners and developers of the site have to face to keep the site intact and running. It needs frequent surveys and checking just because it is an illegal site and it uses pirated sources to import and display the available movies and series.

They frequently change their IP addresses and URLs to avoid getting caught under the restrictions laid by the government about pirated sites and apps. They use special VPN servers and pirated sources to keep their site running and get the newly released movies in just a few hours of their release. It is always recommended to avoid using these pirated sites because they can harm your device with a deadly virus and other trojan viruses and it is also illegal to use and is banned by the government.

Few Films available currently in OpenLoad

Openload hosts a lot of HD movies and TV series that are new launches and also some old releases as well. OpenLoad offers free-of-cost streaming and downloading options for movie lovers from their exhaustive library full of movies and series from all genres – romance, action, thrill, adventure, documentaries, and so on. Some of the popular films you can find on OpenLoad right now are To All The Boys, Judaai, Hindi Medium, Raabta, Brothers, Slumdog Millionaire, and so on.

How to contact the OpenLoad website?

The Openload websites always welcome the queries and questions of their users and viewers. So they have made the procedure of contacting them easy and formal, you can simply find their email on their site, and there is a dedicated button as a contact on their site that directs you to them.

Does OpenLoad have HD Movies?

The OpenLoad site has an extensive and wide range of movies and series, especially Hollywood collections, and people love to watch their content in A+ quality. So, OpenLoad provides movies with several quality lists and they also provide their content in HD with a compressed size that helps you to download your content in fewer data.

Best Alternatives to OpenLoad

The best alternatives to OpenLoad are as follows but these are all illegal or pirated sites and hence must be used with caution. Other than these, there are legal sites that are better alternatives for a smaller price to pay.

  1. Yes!Movies – Yes!Movies are a robust choice for any movie lover. It is one of the best alternatives to Openload as they house 9000+ free films, documentaries, and TV shows to watch online or download.
  2. VMovee – VMovee is another must-try Openload alternative that is ideal for watching movies and TV shows in HD online. You can also download these movies and shows from their website free of charge and they frequently update their library with recent launches.
  3. MovieNinja – MovieNinja is a popular name among movie lovers who prefer watching movies by downloading for free rather than paying expensive charges. MovieNinja offers numerous HD-quality movies and TV series to enjoy online for no cost at all. They have all sorts of movies and series from romance, action, horror, to adventure, and so on.

The legal alternatives like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, YouTube, etc are the eBay option if you want any movie in your free time. These have no risk of hacking or data breach, or cybercrime-related issues.


Although OpenLoad will suffice all your movie needs pretty much starting from Hollywood to Bollywood fully free of cost. However, it is advised not to view movies from these pirated sites as these severely put down and disrespect the efforts and hard work involved in the filmmaking process. Moreover, these sites circulate pirated content which is illegal in India and can attract heavy fines and penalties if caught by the Indian government. Hence, it is advised to always watch movies from legal sites and OTT platforms or in cinema theatres.  

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