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Moviezwap Website:

The entertainment industry has been growing in leaps and bounds and there are always newer options to watch every day. With international movies also adding to the list, there are endless options to choose from. If you happen to be a movie lover, then you will be delighted for sure with the endless choices on movies.

If you are a movie buff and loves to watch all kinds of movies, then you can now do that without actually wasting much of your money.

Thanks to technology, you can now watch a multitude of movies on the OTT platforms, which brings the latest movies right to your television set. But these platforms require you to sign up and subscribe to watch the movies and shows you love. But if you want to watch your movies without paying up, then your best chance is to choose the right streaming platform, like the Moviezwap online.

Moviezwap is an online platform to stream your favorite movies in different languages in the comfort of your home. The platform offers you the chance to choose from the many pirated versions of the latest and most popular hit movies in different languages. With more than 100,000 visits from users across the country, it is the most popular site for movie buffs.

Here are a few reasons as to why Moviezwap would be the right choice:

  1. It is not just movies but you can also watch your favorite shows and series online.
  2. With regular updates, the site is void of any viruses or malware keeping your information secure.
  3. There is no money to pay at any stage of using the website.
  4. An easy-to-use interface that can be used by anyone from anywhere.
  5. There is a wide variety of options to choose from, with different genres and languages available for your picking.

Is it legal to watch movies on Moviezwap?

Moviezwap is an online platform that offers free streaming of movies and options to download them, a free watch of your favorite web series and TV shows. Unlike your regular OTT platforms, there is no subscription fee to bear and you can choose what you want to watch and at a time convenient to you. With plenty of options in terms of language, genre, and other features, watching movies on Moviezwap is your best bet to spend your time.

However, you need to bear in mind that Moviezwap is not a legal platform and it offers pirated videos of movies, web series, and television shows. Watching pirated videos is a punishable offense not just under Indian law but under the laws of almost every country in the world. Hence if you are watching videos or movies on Moviezwap, you are watching it illegally and you can be punished under the law.

Moviezwap Safe (or) not

Moviezwap offers you the perfect venue to choose your favorite movie across languages, and genres to watch at your convenience, without spending any of your hard-earned money either. If you want to know whether the website is legally safe, then you should know that the website features pirated versions of the movies and therefore is not legal to operate. However, if you are wondering about the security of the website when you are streaming or downloading movies from it, then there is nothing to fret over.

Moviezwap takes pride in updating the platform regularly, to ensure that the virus and other malware are kept at bay. The website also continually uproots any bugs which might have entered its platform to ensure that the users are protected when they use the website. In terms of information security, the website offers you the best and secure platform to watch all your favorite movies and shows for free.

Can I download movies from Moviezwap?

It is a very simple process to watch your favorite movies on the renowned platform of Moviezwap. Apart from offering you the choice of different genres, the platform also offers you the option to either stream or download the movies you want to watch. You can now download the movies and watch them at your leisure and yet not pay anything.

There is a search bar on the home page of the Moviezwap website, where you can key in the movie or the show that you want to watch and click on the search button. There would be different links to choose from when you search for the movie. You can use any link and download the movie easily from the website. The website offers you multiple links, all of which are operational so that you can choose one that works best for you and also as a contingency backup in case one of the links doesn’t work.

Moviezwap Bollywood Movies

Movies are offered in the best of quality at the Moviezwap satisfying the thirst of the many movie buffs, who love watching them in the convenience of their homes. You can choose the kind of movie you love to watch or the specific TV show you want to indulge in and stream or download it directly from this website. The website currently offers a huge library of Telugu and Tamil movies alongside original and dubbed versions of Hollywood movies.

There are currently no Bollywood movies on the listing though. But it might soon be added to the list given the popularity of the movies across the nation. You can keep watching the site for the time it gets added or try other alternatives to watch Bollywood movies for free. For now, you can use the website to watch your favorite Tamil, Telugu, and Hollywood movies for free and at your own pace.

Moviezwap Kollywood Movies

Despite being movies of a specific language, the Kollywood movies have managed to garner the attention of many people across the country and even across the world. There are plenty of movies and a whole gamut of TV shows to watch out for in Kollywood, with each offering a different genre to match with different customer expectations. Thanks to the variety of entertainment options, people are often looking for ways to watch these shows and movies without having to spend on OTT and theatres. This is where the Moviezwap website comes in handy offering a plethora of movies and shows in a host of languages to watch and download. You can choose either the movies or TV shows that you want to watch and stream or download them to watch later.

There are many Kollywood movies, TV shows in Tamil, web series in Tamil, Hindi, and English movies dubbed in Tamil available for you to choose from.

Moviezwap Tollywood Movies

Telugu movies have been gaining a lot of fame over recent years, thanks to their versatile genres and catchy peppy music. Quite a few people across the country are now seeking to watch these movies despite the language barrier, trusting on the subtitles. If you want to watch these fast-paced and action-oriented Telugu movies or romantic movies in Telugu, then you can do so for free with the use of the Moviezwap website.

You can choose from a variety of shows and movies in Telugu on the Moviezwap website and stream them directly to watch. You also have the choice to download these movies at your convenience and enjoy watching them even without an internet connection. You have the choice not just on the movie or show that you want to watch but you also have the choice of streaming or downloading for a later watch.

How to use the Moviezwap website?

Using the Moviezwap website doesn’t require you to have any special skills. All that you need to use the website is to have a passion to watch movies and be mindful of your money while doing so. If that is your criteria then the Moviezwap website offers the easiest option to watch your favorite movie in your language of preference and at no cost.

To start with, you can visit the website and search for the movie or TV show that you want to watch. Once you have found the movie or the show, click on the same and you will be provided with plenty of links for the same movie or TV show. The reason for the presence of so many links is to provide you the chance to choose any that will work for you. Once you click on any of the links, you can download the movie with ease.

How do Moviezwap works?

If you are a movie buff and loves to watch movies in your leisure, then you are probably looking forward to a good way to find movies for free to watch. The Moviezwap is an online platform offering you the chance to stream and download all your favorite movies and TV shows in Telugu, Tamil, and English at no cost to you. You can choose any movie and at any time and find the link for downloading the same on this website.

This might make you wonder how exactly the Moviezwap works to give you the movie videos for free. The website employs the latest in technology to get you the pirated versions of the videos of movies, documentary films, and TV shows on demand. These websites have a separate torrent server through which they upload and download pirated videos and make them available for users at their own risk.

Few Films available currently in Moviezwap

There are plenty of films and TV shows to choose from on the Moviezwap website. Some of the movies and TV shows include Bigg Boss (Telugu and Tamil), Game of Thrones dubbed versions, IdheMaa Katha, No Time to Die (Dubbed in Telugu), Tamil movies like Lift, Friendship, etc.

How to contact the Moviezwap website?

If you have any issues or you want to enquire about anything with regards to the Moviezwap website, you would be looking for the contact information of the owner of the website. There is however no information regarding the owner or the contact details for you to use.

Does Moviezwap has HD Movies?

The movies in Telugu, Tamil, and Hollywood movies are offered in the best quality for both streaming movies, and downloading at the Moviezwap. All the movies are offered in the best high definition quality and when not possible like for the older movies, in the premium quality possible.

Best Alternatives to Moviezwap

Moviezwap has been offering unrelenting services to customers who love watching movies and web series at leisure and without paying any fee. If you are having trouble accessing this website or you are unable to find a movie or show of your choice at Moviezwap, then here we have some alternatives you can try. Please do remember that all these websites are also pirated and it is not legal to watch movies or shows or web series on these websites.

  1. Hackstore: If you are a huge fan of movies, and you are not bothered about the language they are in, but prefer to watch high-quality movies, then this website is your best choice. Bringing the best of the Spanish cinema from the greatest of the directors in the Spanish film industry is the Hackstore. The website allows direct streaming and downloading of Spanish cinemas.
  2. MyDownloadTube: With a well-defined user interface, the MyDownloadTube website offers not just movies and TV shows but also a variety of video games to enjoy. There are also movie samples you can enjoy before deciding on whether you want to download the movie or not. It also helps you in knowing the video quality first hand.
  3. Bestwap: If you are a Tamil movie lover, then this platform is just for you. There is no process of signing in and you can access a whole gamut of Tamil movies in HD print for free. There are different servers to watch the movie directly and download it, helping the site to avoid a possible crash due to traffic.
  4. Movietube: If you love films and in different languages then this platform is the place to be. With options from movies in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, and Gujarati, you can also enjoy your favorite web series, TV shows, documentaries, etc. on this platform.


If you plan to watch any movie or a web series, you have to pay for the same through the OTT platforms or theatres and watch them legally. If you watch it through websites like Moviezwap, you are punishable under the law and hence we suggest you avoid these pirated websites.

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