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Moviesflix Website:

Starting from pure Austen classics like Pride and prejudice to true story mind disturbing documentaries like the Mindhunter, these are the things that keep us occupied in our relaxing time and help us as a stressbuster. The sentence ‘time is of the essence’ this generation really took up every word of it. This generation got entangled so much in the corporate world and chasing after money/ fame/power all the words mean the same, that we forgot what time to ourselves is, or time with our families and friends. We got busy chasing our dream job and that’s when other money-hungry minds used this situation to our advantage by creating alternatives of cinema halls, cineplexes, and drive-through movies. Know more about Moviesflix website below.

When you have the opportunity to multitask, why get stuck in one place? Online platforms gave us that opportunity where we could save time by pausing any time we want and also made almost all the movies available for us under one domain. These platforms are the up and coming businesses and this strategy is what made companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Zee 5, Voot all fortune 500 companies. People didn’t have any issues filling the subscription form and also paying the fee, but what about those who belong to the working class and have to work two, three jobs a day to put food on their families table?. They too are busy going and watching movies every weekend in the theatre but also can’t afford to pay so much for every subscription under different sites. For people like them, the only other alternative was to search for those websites that allowed them to watch the movies, series for free and MOVIESFLIX is one of those websites that enables the viewer to watch the content for free.

Is it legal to watch and listen to songs on Moviesflix?

Moviesflix is a website that has given free power to the common public to upload content, except for B-rated videos and content. The censorship is not that strict on these websites. It is not illegal to create a space where we get the free reign to upload content and others download it to watch it later or watch it online. But, most movies have a copyright law and that pirating a movie is a felony, and that some countries implement this law very strictly. The countries have strict rules and regulations against pirated version movies and when someone uploads a pirated version on these websites then it becomes illegal to watch those. These are the pros and cons of watching movies online or watching them through these profiles. These versions of movies that are uploaded most anonymously become the reason why most of the websites come under the radar of the cyber section of the government and they are forced to shut down or get banned from being used by viewers again.

Is Moviesflix safe or not?

Anything online given for free throws a shade on the name itself because we aren’t used to it and henceforth we doubt, not denying that those doubts do prove to be true sometimes but these are what the added risks are and what they write in the fine print under the ‘terms and conditions. Sometimes it is really not worth paying so much for watching just one movie hence we use these websites, some of them are handy and easy to use, Moviesflix is also one of the websites that have a lot of variety of movies for its viewers. Most of the viewership comes from those households who are into movies and series but cannot afford costly membership privileges.

Can I download movies and videos from Moviesflix?

I am relieved to answer this question in a positive direction when I say YES!. We can download movies from MOVIESFLIX. When you open the portal of this website you will get a lot of options.  The search bar is present to search what you wish to watch and when you press on the link of your desired movie or series, the page opens where you get the option to download from various servers like:


NOTE: sometimes you will get a security warning from your phone or device that downloading this file might cause harm to your device. This happens because the file is not being downloaded from a secure server and that it might lead to some silent virus or malware being installed into your device.

Moviesflix Bollywood movies

Moviesflix has a wide variety of genres present under its domain and people have a wide range of movies to choose from. Bollywood has been a very strong contender in the film industry all over the world. With time Bollywood got global recognition to the extent that Bollywood movies have been nominated for global awards and Bollywood directors have won the highest honorary award in the film industry, the OSCARS.  Bollywood thus proves to be a very demanding genre and so a separate genre has been made. When you select that genre you will get a long list of movies under various formats.

When you select any of the movies the link that is provided to the people have separate links for different quality download. For eg: one link will provide a 360p formatted movie, one will provide a 420p version and the other will give 1080p quality. The same movie is uploaded in various versions so that it becomes easier for the user to understand what he or she is downloading. It is always better to download the higher resolution and always give a better picture.

A few of the Bollywood movies that are present on moviesflix are:

  • Mimi
  • 26/11
  • Happy new year
  • Baaghi 2
  • Student of the year
  • Badla

Moviesflix Kollywood movies 

Kollywood comprises the Tamil film industry, which grew around the cities of Chennai and southern India. The times have changed and the southern film industries did produce a lot of blockbuster high-budget films over time. Bahubali was one of the movies that got global recognition and were dubbed in several different languages, this is firsthand proof that Kollywood also has a deep impact on Indian cinema and adds diversity to the film industry.

Kollywood movies are still yet to be inserted into the watchlist, that’s because of various factors like language popularity or also copyright provisions. One thing that’s for sure is that the library of moviesflix gets reinvented very often and so very soon you will find Tamil-based movies too, with the growing fanbase of the southern Indian movies it is evident that these online sites will recognize the craze and will start uploading Kollywood movies too.

Moviesflix Tollywood movies

Tollywood is the sector that consists of Telugu films. This section of the film industry is still yet to prosper like Bollywood or Hollywood since the language spoken is not that common and not spoken so fluently all around the world. Global-based website such as Moviesflix is mostly all about English movies but we have other genres and language movies for Tollywood it is yet to make a debut there. There are movies under dubbed section in Telugu or Tamil and other languages but not specifically regional movies are present. It is said with affirmation that soon Moviesflix will expand its variety and renew its collection where Tollywood movies will be included too. Moviesflix is a global website and it mostly comprises Hollywood movies and series, it did not reach that stage yet to showcase regional industry movies too and that goes for Tollywood too.

How to use the Moviesflix website?

Moviesflix is a pretty basic website very much self-explanatory. A person who has a basic knowledge of the operation and working around the internet will be able to operate easily. The website has the HTTP address of: The basic steps to use the website are:

  1. Opening the homepage there are many options and many genres are present at the viewer’s disposable. Whatever he or she wants to choose and watch.
  2. There are other options present on the left top corner that give access to the specific genre like sci-fi or horror or comedy. We get to choose what movie we get on the list.
  3. There is a search bar present in the middle of the homepage that will redirect our search and show us all the results related to what we type.
  4. The related web searches give us the proximal links for the movies or webs series and also the resolution of the movie that has been uploaded and also the storage that the movie will need in order to be downloaded.
  5. Opening the links there are a number of servers that will give an option to the individual which server to use for watching it online or download. Sometimes when one server crashes due to heavy streamlining.

How does Moviesflix work?

The website works pretty well even under heavy streaming, because of the number of options present it helps to distribute the workload evenly among the bandwidth. Sometimes the only issue that was observed after the survey was that at first while opening the link it gets redirected to some other page or the page jumps to any previous homepage that was open, otherwise, it is a pretty smooth running website with loads of variety and a huge library to choose from.

Few movies are available currently in the Moviesflix:

Some of the movies that come on the list when the homepage is opened.

  • Squid game
  • Pokemon; battle of masters
  • The battle of the sexes
  • Pain threshold
  • Nine days
  • To-do list
  • Snakehead
  • Colin in black and white
  • Titanic
  • One of us is lying

There is just a separate section for Bollywood and all the blockbuster hits of the Bollywood industry.

How to contact the Moviesflix website?

Moviesflix has all the major diversified content all around the world, there are some links at the bottom of the page but It is a con of the website that there are no separate specific contact options given on the website.

Do Moviesflix have HD movies?

Moviesflix provides the HD resolution for different movies, the latest ones sometimes take time to upload the HD version for a few days. Later on, we also get the HD version of the latest ones. The absolute current movies are mostly in the 420p, 760p version and formatted; sometimes it is hall-printed.

The best alternative for Moviesflix

The internet is really an intimidating concept, we have watched more than enough movies or read books where the internet came off as the best place where all the problems start. Even the best-secured servers are capable of shutting down because of some virus or other malware so under good conscience it is very logical for a person to feel scared to use any of these websites that provide content for free online.

We search for an alternative as a backup plan and also the flexibility that we always look for.

The best alternatives of moviesflix is

  • Utorrent
  • 123movies
  • Gowatchseries
  • Uwatchfree
  • Youtube

You will get every kind of entertainment on these websites, just like moviesflix, these websites are also an open network that provides free access to a wide range of movies, shows, ted talks, songs, digital documentaries, and whatnot.


These online platforms always provide us the golden opportunity to watch movies for free but there are some marketed risks that provide some concern for the people because these might be a serious silent attack with a new virus or some malware to get access to our personal information and other private information. The common and wise advice for everyone on this is not to watch movies via these open online sites but if you do it will be at your own expense and also be too careful on which domain to select and which link to use for download ever harms anyone.