Madrasrockers Website – Movie Download Website(Legal Or illegal)

Madrasrockers Website: Everyone loves to watch movies with HD quality and super sound quality on their weekends or after a hectic day of work and study for some relaxation. But most of the sites and OTT platforms charge a huge amount of money in the name of subscriptions and the movie theatres charge a whole lot of money for a single movie only.

Each OTT platform has its own package and subscription rates that vary from screen to screen, so it is very difficult for an average earning person to buy every OTT subscription and stream their favorite movie or series. This is why a group of developers came up with a piracy movie site named Madrasrockers.

The Madrarockers is a pirated movie streaming and downloading site that uploads all movies just after a few hours of its release in the theatre or OTT platform. You can get your favorite movies of all genres and languages on the Madrasrockers and they are totally free of cost.

They have a well-organized site that provides you the list of every movie that you want and it also has a search option by which you can easily search the movie you want to watch. The best thing about this site is that it allows you to download your favorite movie or series on any of your devices and lets you watch them anywhere and anytime.

The Madrasrockers offers you with:

  • The Madrasrocker’s site provides an extensive range of movies from the oldest ones to the latest released ones. You can get your every favorite movie just after a few hours of its release and you also get movies of several genres and languages on this site.
  • They exclusively offer several freshly released web and tv series that are found only on premium streaming platforms.
  • The site provides you with the option to download your content easily or stream it online with the least ads possible.

Is it legal to watch movies on Madrasrockers?

According to the government, using someone’s content and uploading it to our own website or any other social platform is totally illegal, and strict actions are taken against those who violate this law. In the same way, it is illegal to upload or stream any movie to a site or app that is not approved by the production house or the owner of the movie, and if it is done then it claims to be a copyright issue and the uploader will have to face serious legal actions.

The Madrasrockers use pirated sources to get the movies and they upload them on their website so it is clearly not legal to watch or download movies from this site. Madrasrockers is banned by the government and most people use it with the help of VPNs or proxy sites. We always recommend you to use such sites at your own risk and take required precautions when needed.

Is Madrasrockers Safe or not?

In case you are fond of watching movies and series in your free time and after long weekdays of work, and you cannot afford or you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on movie theatres and premium OTT platforms then the Madrasrockers is the best option for you. But as mentioned above, Madrasrockers is a pirated movie streaming and downloading site that has a wide library of movies with different genres and languages. So it is not a safe website to use because your personal information can be leaked or your device can get damaged due to several viruses and trojans. These sites use several piracy servers to import the movies to their site so it can be dangerous sometimes. Although there are no such cases of device damage due to viruses, you should always take precautions and use VPNs and proxy servers before using these sites for a safe and secure search and surf.

Can I download movies from Madrasrockers?

Madrasrockers is one of the most user-friendly and easiest movie-watching sites that are available for free. They have a vast library that contains movies from all genres and languages and they are organized in a collection so that you can find your choice of the movie easily in no time. The site also offers you the option to watch or download the movie of your choice with a low data requirement of just 300MB, by keeping the quality of the video intact. You can download the movies by simply clicking the download button next to the watch button and the download will be started on your device. You also get downloads without limits and get high-quality movies in fewer data requirements, and the downloads are finished at a faster rate than any other website due to the accelerated servers. You should always keep in mind that it is a pirated site and uses several servers to upload the latest movies so you should always avoid using these sites and if you use it then you should take all required precautions carefully.

Madrasrockers Bollywood Movies.

Movies are the best time pass and relaxing hobby ever, but we generally have to pay a whole lot of money to several apps and sites to watch our favorite movies and series. Bollywood movies have the biggest market and people love to watch Bollywood movies due to their storyline, climax, and plot twists. That is why Madrasrockers respect their viewer’s choices and offer a wide collection of Bollywood movies of all genres and types. You can get all your favorite Bollywood movies on Madrasrockers in a well-organized manner and you can download or watch them online with HD sound and video quality and without any interruptions.

Madrasrockers Kollywood Movies

The Madrasrockers is a popular movie streaming and downloading website that specializes in Kollywood movies. Kollywood movies are basically movies that are made in the Tamil language and are released to the local theatres in the Tamil parts of the country. These movies are very popular due to their action scenes, people love to watch these action scenes but costly ticket prices stop them from watching their favorite movie. That is why Madrasrockers provides their users with an extensive range of Kollywood movies dedicated separately on the site. You can download or watch the movie of your choice ranging from the latest to the most famous ones, and you can get the movies easily without any hassle with the user-friendly interface of Madrasrockers website. We recommend you to use only authorized and legal movie streaming apps to watch or download the movies and avoid using these illegal pirated movie sites.

Madrasrockers Tollywood Movies

Tollywood movies are movies that are generally made in the Telugu language and are aired in theatres under the authorization of their production houses and creators. This is the other movie type that is loved by the people of south India, and the Madrasrockers keeping their user’s choices as their priority continues to upload the latest released Tollywood movies on their site and have a wide library of these movies on their site as a dedicated folder so that you can find your favorite movie easily.

How to use Madrasrockers website?

As mentioned earlier the Madrasrockers site is banned by the government and it is illegal to use it for downloading or watching any movie or series from this site. You can use the site of Madrasrockers by using a VPN or proxy servers, as they hide your original IP address and protect you from being located and tracked by the government. You can easily log in to their website by searching their name on your search engine and clicking the results that come further. Then you will get a well-organized page that contains a list of several movies and categories of movies according to their language and genre. You can simply find your favorite movie from the list or you can search your choice from the search bar present on the top of the website. Then you can watch or download the movies by clicking on the dedicated download and watch buttons. 

How do Madrasrockers work?

The sites of the Madrasrockers keep getting blocked due to the laws of the government and because it is a piracy website. But the developers have their own way of keeping the website running, they use different mirror links every time and they also keep changing their URLs frequently so that they do not get tracked by the government. The website earns money by displaying several ads on their site, every time you click on an ad it directs you to another ad, and in this way the site gets a good amount of money. 

Few Films available currently in Madrasrockers

Madrasrockers comes under the top 10 piracy websites for films and essentially, there are uncountable movies available on the website. As a record, the website releases almost all newly launched movies within a week of its release. If you are looking for some of the latest movies on the website, you would be surprised to find so many newly launched movies as well as numerous other previously launched movies. You can find Bala, Sarierelu Neekevvaru, KGF, Chappak, Ujda Chaman, super 30, Baaghi 3, Street dancer, Thappad, John wick, Darbar, Petta, Dear comrade, KGF, Oh Baby, and many others.

How to contact Madrasrockers website

Since sites such as Madrasrockers are piracy websites, the Government continuously makes efforts to ban their domains and websites. Hence, there is very little information about the contact of Madrasrockers. However, if you are wanting to contact them on any serious matter, you can always use their telegram handle @MadrasRockers to communicate with them.

Do Madrasrockers have HD Movies?

Although there is no guarantee that you can get all movies in HD version from this website, Madrasrockers does have HD versions of some movies. This is because pirated websites use diverse sources including filming inside a movie theatre which is prohibited by law. Due to such sources of gathering a newly released movie, it is difficult to find HD versions right after the official release however after some months, you have high chances of getting a movie on Madrasrockers in HD version.

Best Alternatives to Madrasrockers

Since these sites work on illegal grounds, the Government is always after banning piracy websites. Because of this, sites like Madrasrockers create mirror sites on the internet that offer free movies in HD quality. If a particular site or a user gets blocked on a URL, that user can access the movies from another mirror site of Madrasrockers. The URLs of these sites are updated from time to time however if you are searching for totally separate alternatives to Madrasrockers, here are some that will fulfill your free high-quality movie demands:

  • Gostream is a popular option after Madrasrockers that lists many old and newly launched movies on their website and has a diverse choice covering multiple genres.
  • Moviewatcher is the next best option to Gostream which works on a similar concept of piracy. However, their user interface is pretty simple and it’s easy to navigate through the site and find films of your choice. Moviewatcher also has a huge library of films and the update of their collection continues to offer even the very newly released films.
  • CmoviesHD is another great alternative to Madrasrockers especially because of their huge library of HD films and scenes. Apart from HD films, they also have regular versions of other films. Overall, this website is also easy to navigate with a wide collection.
  • Vumoo also comes under the top 10 free movie streaming websites that offer pirated movies and scenes for free to the audience. Vumoo has an easy user interface and a wide selection of genres and languages that make it a popular free movie downloading website.
  • Lastly, you can use Putlocker as an alternative to Madrasrockers as they have a similar list of movies that are of good quality and updated regularly.


As per government rules using Pirated websites for watching movies, series, or any entertainment product is strictly advised against. When you use pirated websites, you unintentionally lower the value, extremely hard work, and efforts of filmmakers, actors, musicians, directors, and the entire crew. You also disobey the law and stand at a higher risk of getting penalized.

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