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Limetorrent Website:

In 1896, the first cinema displayed in Mumbai was the first when Indians got the concept of cinema and since then, this industry has always been on the high rise. The graph has grown exponentially because we humans never cease to like dramatic scenes and some fictional world to get lost in. Escaping reality is something we all crave for some time to detox the stressful times, and what better way than to sit in front of a television with some melted salty buttered popcorn and watch our favorite actors and actresses giving a mindblowing performance. Let us know more about Limetorrent website below:

As this industry grew, short films and web series came into play and also the scheme of making money out of it. People got busier with work, the working class needed an alternative for skipping movies in cineplex or inox. Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Zee 5 came into the picture with an incentive that first-month subscription free with unlimited resources for movies, series, documentaries, etc.

These platforms hooked millions of people, but with time they went on increasing the subscription fee and it got difficult for many to continue and many fell into despair. This is when they found alternatives like these websites that share free content like movies, series, short films, etc. These websites come with marketed risks obviously but there are a few silver linings too. Limetorrent is a website just like this providing free movies and entertainment to watch online or later.

Is it legal to watch and listen to songs on Limetorrent?

Limetorrent is an online platform where anyone can register and upload files. Some movies have very strict copyright policies. Some countries even have very strict rules and regulations that are made for piracy and copyright pirated versions of movies and their produced art. Limetorrent is just a website that provides the space to upload files, now it is upon the people what they use that space for. Limetorrent doesn’t have any pirated versions of any movies or series, but that doesn’t mean they have a stellar clean background so according to online advice, watching movies on this platform is not always the safer option.

Is Limetorrent safe or not?

Any online platform that provides free movies to download or watch online comes directly under the category of being shady. Not always all the accusations are wrong but that is what the total of marketed risk is regarding watching movies or series online and not paying for it. You will find various proxies and domains when you search Limetorrent. Not all of them are authentic but if you want to watch movies and series free on all genres around the globe, then surely you can be cautious and use Limetorrent but then again at your own risk. 

Can I download movies and videos from


Limetorent does provide the option to download movies on your choice of genre. There is a wide variety of options to choose from. A movieholic might himself or herself hooked to the website looking at the site options and their selectivity range. They also provide various size download like 420p, 720p, 1080p etc. These basically show the quality range of the content you are planning to download.

Limetorrent Bollywood movies

When you open the link or the domain for Limetorrent you will find mostly Hollywood movies and series or songs names popping up. Bollywood took its time but it also has made its place in global recognition. People now study Indian cinemas for diversity and many more plot points and Bollywood movies have been nominated for global awards too. When you search for Bollywood movies in the website’s browser, you will find all the megahit pictures that made a name in the box office, although short regional films or short budget films might not be there in most-viewed lists.

Some of the viewed Bollywood movies to be searched the search bar are:

  • URI, the surgical strike
  • MIMI

Limetorrent Kollywood movies 

Kollywood, the Tamil Nadu-based film industry that grew round about the Kodambakkam neighborhood of Chennai is also a major party in the Indian diversified film industry. This southern industry has also shown amazing growth over the years with many many high-budget movies with loads of drama.

A few Tamil movies listed are:

  • RED

Limetorrent Tollywood movies 

Telegu cinema, also called Tollywood is the portion of Indian cinema that makes movies in the Telugu language. Motion pictures in Telegu are made, the language is widely spoken in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. The industry is based on the Film Nagar near Hyderabad. Like Kollywood, Tollywood is also a major participant in the Indian cinematic universe. Limetorrent also has a huge library section and they keep on updating new movies every day. You might what you are searching in the library in various formats like 420p, 720p, etc. They have a huge database in movies in different languages that helps in expanding the global reach of the website by giving viewers from almost all around the world.

How to use the Limetorrent website?

Limetorrent is an easy-to-go website that can be used by almost all the people who have knowledge around the use of the internet and also computers.


First, choose the domain after searching Limetorrent in the web browser.

After choosing the domain you will be sent to the main page of the website there are many options present on the page. It depends on the viewer what he or she wants to watch.

The various keys that are listed on that page are:

  • Full home page
  • Movies
  • Tv shows
  • Songs
  • Anime
  • Applications
  • FAQ
  • Search bar
  • Contacts

These are the keywords that will guide you for a better and easy use

To get any movies on screen all you have to do is go to the search bar and then type the movie or series or songs whatever you wish to search.

The next step would be the choice of the portal you want.

  1. You will be getting a list of seeders and leechers and also the health.
  2. The seeders are those people who upload the file to the website. The leechers are those who are downloading those files and watching the movie. The more amount of the seeders, the more popular that file will get. The more number of seeders is basically a fine print of saying that the file is being uploaded by many so that indirectly says that the content is not corrupted or that it is safe to say to watch the movie through that link.
  3. The more number of leechers indicate that the content is being streamed by many and that it is a busy network with a lot of pressure on the server. There are underlying changes of server failure and also software malfunction and that gives the creeps to many viewers as a sneak malware attack.
  4. The health shows the streamline, which means it shows the strength of the content that the viewer wishes to view and also a warning guideline which proxy to choose.
  5. After choosing the correct proxy the link to the movie or the songs or the series comes on the screen, there will be different download options present on the screen.
  6. It is always better to use the magnet download, with the survey it was observed that the magnet download was safer for the viewers

How does Limetorrent work?

Limetorrent is one of the most used proxies under torrent for the past few years and this has happened only because of the vast range of viewership and also because of the great variety provided by the website. People from various places with various mother tongue gets to use this website. The steps are very much self-explanatory when once you start to explore around the page. The index page is long because of the variety of content provided for free and this is the strategy that brings people all the time to this domain to download movies or series or even songs and applications. A very detailed chart is available in front of the user with all the pros and cons that help him or her to understand which URL to use or which might be harmful to your device.

The website provides a very user-friendly interface and any person with a little knowledge Is very much capable of watching his or her favorite movie or any kind of entertainment by themselves.

Even if you do not find what you are looking for at that right moment, there are options present for question and answer where you get to put forward your doubt or query or even your request. The website library is always on prompt update with new items from different genres all the time.

Few movies are available currently in the Limetorrent.

The current survey showed that lots of current movies are present in the list. Any new movies that get released get uploaded on time and with any new series episodes coming out they are almost uploaded on time. There is various format uploaded of the same file, from the same source sometimes, sometimes various seeders upload different quality of the same movie or a series. Even songs are uploaded here on the website. The whole technology gives everyone a free pass without spending so much money on subscriptions and all the other incentives and small offer that most busy people fall for.

Few of the movies listed below are present on the current list on Limetorrent.

  • DUNE
  • LOKI

Many more unlimited films are present and are just one search away.

How to contact the Limetorrent website?

The website opens to a home page when you click on the domain of //

The official homepage comes with a search bar in the center and with all the option keys on the upfront near the screen notification bar. If you scroll down at the end of the page, there is an option that says “contact us”.

When clicked in that option the page that opens has blanks with a message board for the query of the viewer or any suggestion along with mail lid required for the website to reply to. They do have an FAQ option that to help understand the error by the user themselves and rectify it on their own.

Do Limetorrent have HD movies?

Limetorrent offers a lot of choices and it is a relief to say that Limetorrent also offers HD quality movies and entertainment options. The songs are available in the mp3 or mp4 version. The series or any movies that have just come to the theatres do not always come with HD quality but given a few days of the time the seeders get the HD quality o their contents and it is uploaded in the portal. You can understand that the video is in HD quality by checking the name of the link. The title associated should definitely have the quality written along with the link for download. After checking the tracker id the file is allowed to download.

The best alternative for Limetorrent

  • Utorrent
  • 123movies
  • Gowatchseries
  • Fmovies
  • Telegram


Watching movies isn’t a crime but when it breaks certain laws of certain countries about being the pirated version then it comes under the radar of various security agency and they get the right to look into your browsing and that then becomes a violation of privacy, not to mention the risks of malware virus that could be easily installed by spams of other methods in this technologically advancing world. That is the reason watching movies or any web series through an unknown source is not always safe and secured. It is not advisable as the first choice, because these popular brands of entertainment companies like Netflix, prime, AppleTV, etc do have their own algorithm and their security walls up, but these servers are susceptible to these attacks from those people with bad intentions.