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Filmywap Website:

As of currently, in the world, everyone loves to watch Movies & Series irrespective of their age, language, and so on. But there are some movies and series for which you have to have a subscription plan to view them. These movie and series subscription platforms have their plans sky-rocketing. So, this is the main reason for people to turn to other unofficial websites on which you can view these movies and series without spending a penny. Filmywap is one such website, it is a torrent website that streams and distributes it to streamers. The website offers a wide range of movies, series, and songs that can be easily downloaded by viewers for free. The website Filmywap has good popularity among users all over the world due to it containing multilingual content which satisfies the user.

On this website, users can find OTT platform content from Amazon Prime and Netflix. So, we can say that this website is more efficient when compared to other streaming websites. This website offers both the download and online streaming options without using up much of your data which makes it more desirable. This website offers Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and Telugu movies also which are dubbed so the viewer can find them easy to understand. The movies which are newly released are pirated and are available on Filmywap only after a few days of it being released.

Is Filmywap safe or not?

There are usually some risks involved when we try and use a pirated website such as Filmywap. That is the reason why these websites are called piracy websites. For using such websites we should have a secured connection and a more secure IP address. For being on the safe side your IP address must be concealed by a VPN, if not you are putting yourself at a high risk of cybercrime as piracy is considered illegal in India.

You should have anti-virus protection on your device so, when you download from such pirated websites there is no worry of any virus harming your device. And also it can avoid any other things which get downloaded on your device which can be harmful in a long term. Using websites like this sometimes makes you vulnerable in front of hackers who can use your information against you. So, we can conclude that pirated websites like this are unsafe. But if you conceal your IP address and have a good anti-virus on your device it’s safe to use.

Can I download movies from Filmywap?

Yes, you can download movies from Filmywap. This website has many movies you can choose from, which gives you the freedom to download any of your favorite content. But there are a few ads that you come across when trying to download but other than that it is a free-of-cost website that doesn’t cost you a penny other than a few MB of your data based on the quality of the video you choose to download. Though this website provides free content it is illegal to use it.

The best way to stream or download on such websites is by having a secured connection or a VPN to mask your IP address. To be precise, Filmywap was banned and blocked but, due to some unknown changes in its URL the website can be accessed to date.

Is it legal to watch movies, series and listen to songs on Filmywap?

Because the OTT platforms have subscription plans so high sometimes it is not affordable to some people. So, people use pirated websites such as Filmywap to view the movies and series which are available free of cost. The website uploads only the newly released pirated videos and no it is not legal to watch these pirated movies in our country. It is illegal to view or distribute such pirated videos.

As per the norms of Indian cyber laws using pirated websites for streaming and downloading content is a punishable offense as the uploaded videos are all pirated. And the chances of the user getting caught is quite high. Because if you get caught you are liable to face the law. Therefore, it is better to use the OTT platforms which are legal.

Filmywap Bollywood movies.

The Bollywood industry is at the top of the movie industry right now in our country. Everyone loves a good Bollywood movie irrespective of their age. Most of the popular movies are from the Bollywood industry. Bollywood movies are those which are made in the Hindi language. This website has a wide range of Bollywood movies to choose from. It also contains premium subscription content which is not affordable to some people.

Such content can be streamed or downloaded in a few minutes with just a few clicks. Watching their favorite movie brings joy to a person and websites such as Filmywap offer them to you. This website uploads the latest released movies so that you can download them anytime, anywhere. But the usage of data when downloading depends on the quality of video you choose. After downloading the movie you can enjoy a good Bollywood movie night.

Filmywap Kollywood movies.

Kollywood movies are of the Tamil-language film industry. The Kollywood movies are popular and famous amongst the South Indians and also other people from across the country. You get the dubbed and the original language version of the Kollywood movies on this website. There are the popular and the latest ones over here from which you can choose the best. We all know that most of the beautiful songs with the sweetest melodies are from Kollywood movies. So, if you are a lover of a good-hearted movie the Kollywood movies are the best to look out for and this website offers you to download them for free without any haste.

As it offers the dubbed version also those who don’t understand the language can download the dubbed version and enjoy the movie. So, the Filmywap website is the best to choose your favorite Kollywood movie from.

Filmywap Tollywood movies.

The Tollywood movie industry is also one of the leading South Indian movie industries which offer numerous good movies. Tollywood movies are the Telugu-language film industry. Tollywood consists of mostly fun-filled songs and action-packed movies. There are some huge blockbusters from Tollywood which are favored by everyone. The website Filmywap makes it easy for viewers to stream or download them free of cost.

On this website, you get the movies that have been released recently on OTT platforms without worrying much. There are even dubbed versions of the original language movies so the viewers from across the country can view the movie they love and understand them easily. You can download these movies whenever and wherever you want. But you must also avoid using such pirated websites for your good as they are banned and illegal to stream the contents from these websites.

How to use the Filmywap website?

The Filmywap website is easy to use and is extremely user-friendly. The only thing that is bad about using this website is that when you try and click a different tab gets popped up showing you an ad. Or some ads might pop up on the same window you searching for a movie, other than that it’s good to go and use the website. Just follow the below instructions to get good results while downloading.

  • Go to the official Filmywap website through Google search engine.
  • Cancel the first few ads which pop up.
  • Use the search engine of the website to find your desired movie and click on it.
  • After you get the movie details on a different page go through it and decide whether you want to download or stream it online.
  • Click on download to start the downloading or just stream it online.

How does Filmywap work?

Filmywap has a very simple user interface and is easy to use and doesn’t have much complex software behind it. This website provides all the popular and latest released movies to stream on. You won’t find difficulty in using this website much, other than the few ads you have to encounter before downloading or streaming online. The website allows you to download easily by just clicking on the movie’s poster.

It takes around 15-20 minutes to download a movie based on your internet speed. The website provides different qualities of videos to choose from, the qualities range from 480p to 1080p. The developers use a secured connection or VPNs to mask their IP address from the prying eyes of the government so that they and their website cannot be tracked easily. They do this because it is illegal to run such websites.

Few movies are available currently in Filmywap.

The Filmywap has a huge collection of movies and series of different languages, genres, and so on in high-quality and for free. Some of the popular ones currently streaming are Tuck Jagadish, Kota Factory, Mumbai Diaries 26/11, The Boss Baby: Family Business, and many more.

How to contact the Filmywap website?

There aren’t any available contact details or helpline numbers for this website. There are no other customer services available for this website. If you are facing some difficulty in accessing the website, close the window, clear the cache and start again.

Does Filmywap have HD movies?

The Filmywap is a pirated website that contains all the popular and newly released movies which are uploaded a day or two after it releases. The website also provides HD quality videos which are difficult to obtain on other websites.

Best Alternatives to Filmywap.

There isn’t a perfect website to stream or download movies and series. Sometimes it just won’t be available even though you search everywhere. And it is really hard to find all the movies and series you like on only one platform. The website may have some issues as it is a pirated website and sometimes the movies you desire to watch isn’t available. But here on this website Filmywap almost all the movies and series which are available on the OTT platforms are uploaded so, the user can have no difficulty in searching for a longer period. But sometimes due to other issues, it may not be available so the following websites might be the Best alternatives to Filmywap. The list of websites are as follows:

  • Movierulz: This is another popular website on which you can find more movies than any other website as the name suggests “Movierulz”. This website is a hub for South Indian movie lovers. You will get to stream or download movies here on HD quality for free. Thus, making it the best alternative.
  • 123Movies: This is one of those websites which almost everyone knows and suggests when you want any premium subscription content. This website has numerous content to movies and series to select from for a good movie night. This website is used in several countries making it the top alternative for Filmywap.
  • Tubi TV: This is yet another website on which you can stream for free. But some movies and shows can only be rented and not streamed for free. This website is based in the US so you can find many Hollywood shows and movies on here.
  • FMovies: This website has a clean interface and is also one of the popular websites for streaming different genres of movies and shows. This has some options to filter out and give you the perfect results. This website can also serve as a good alternative.


The Filmywap has everything you need to make it an appropriate website for streaming and downloading movies and series. Filmywap is a torrent website but yet it is a pirated website that uploads content that is illegally pirated. Due to this piracy, the film industry loses billions of dollars. So, the cyber laws have made it quite clear that piracy in India is a punishable offense. And if you are using this website, you should know that you are making yourself vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and cyber laws of the country.

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