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Extramovies Website:

If you work hard every day for the whole day and you need some relaxation on the weekends or at the end of the day then movies and series are the best options for a peaceful evening or weekend. They are considered to be one of the biggest industries with the biggest fan following and viewers from all over the world. There are very few people who don’t love to watch movies or series because they are one of the best sources of entertainment.

This is the reason why the producers and production houses release their movies in theatres to make huge profits and nowadays OTT platforms are well-known for new movies and series. But the worst part about them is their subscription fee and breathtaking prices of plans. There are several OTT platforms that offer different movies and series by different production houses, and people cannot afford to buy these many subscriptions. That is why they search for free alternatives to watch their favorite content.

Extramovies is one of the sites that allows you to stream your favorite movies or series with just a few clicks. They provide you with a wide range of collections of movies and the latest web series that contain movies from all genres and languages. They have the biggest collection of Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies and they also have movies like Tollywood, Kollywood, and dubbed movies for the people who love to watch dubbed movies. If you want one of the best qualities and a collection of the latest movies and web series then Extramovies is the best choice for you. But these sites use pirated sources for importing their content, so you should avoid using these sites.

The Extramovies offers you with:

  1. A wide collection of the best and the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Web series, and TV shows are offered by this site.
  2. Searching and streaming or downloading any movies or series from the site is completely free of cost.
  3. Most user-friendly website.

Is it legal to watch movies on ExtraMovies?

The Extramovies offer a large range of movies on their site that range from old golden movies to the latest released ones, they provide you with the newly released ones just within a few hours. But these sites are pirated and are completely banned by the government so it is not legal to watch or download movies on ExtraMovies. According to the rule, both running and using these types of illegal sites are punishable offenses and you may get a case registered against you.

The main reason for this ban is that our country strictly avoids the piracy of any original content so that the makers do not face losses. So you should avoid using these sites and if you still want to use it then you are always welcome to use them at your own risk.

Is ExtraMovie safe or not?

As mentioned above, Extramovies is a pirated site that uses different sources to import their content and provide it to you. They provide you with a very large collection of movies from different genres and languages, and it is super easy to use this website. But the drawback of this site is that it may not be safe for your device as they can download any suspicious malware or virus on your device that can harm your device badly. So before using these sites you should always take the necessary precautions such as antivirus protection and by stopping downloads of any unknown source or file. If these things are taken care of before using these sites, then you can freely use the ExtraMovies website for streaming or downloading any movies or series. It is a pirated site so there are some chances where you can get in trouble for using these sites, as they are strictly banned by the government.

Can I download movies from ExtraMovies?

The ExtraMovies movies streaming website has one of the biggest collections of movies, web series, and tv shows. They provide movies of almost every genre and language and they also provide dubbed movies. All their content is completely free to watch and they do not cost you a dime, but you can encounter some ads on their site and they try to minimize the duration and number of ads on their site so that you can have peaceful surfing.

They also have the feature to download any content from their site with just a click. So now you can download any of your favorite movies or series and can enjoy them whenever and wherever you want.

Extramovies Bollywood movies.

There are one of the biggest entertainment subjects and they come in hundreds of genres and many languages. People love to watch movies of all genres and languages and Bollywood movies top the chart of being the most popular types. The type of a movie mainly depends on its language, so the Bollywood movies are those which are made in the Hindi language, and it is one of the biggest movie industries of India. The Project free tv offers a wide range of Bollywood movie libraries to their users with a dedicated collection for the most popular movies and the latest released ones. You can watch your favorite latest movie just after a few hours of their release.

You can simply get the Bollywood movie of your choice by searching the name in their search bar or by surfing their website collections of Bollywood movies. You get movies of all qualities, so if you want a movie with limited data then you can go for lower quality movies and if you want HD movies then you can choose the quality while downloading or watching them online.

Extramovies Kollywood Movies

Kollywood movies come next to Tollywood movies in terms of popularity in terms of storylines, cast acting, cinematography, acting, etc. These are equally loved by the South Indian people as well as people from all over the country like watching Kollywood movies these days. Some of the popular Kollywood movies found on ExtraMovies are Tughlaq Darbar and so on. Extramovies have a long list of Tamil films to enjoy for free in your free time. However, we strongly advise you not to use these sites since these are all pirated content. According to Indian cyber law, the circulation and consumption of pirated content are punishable by law. Hence, it is best to use legal Websites for watching movies like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Extramovies Tollywood movies

Telugu movies or Tollywood movies have quickly become an irreplaceable industry in India from a petty regional film industry of the South. Tollywood movies are becoming brilliant day by day in story choices, acting, direction, cinematography, acting, not to mention the hearty songs that are loved by all people. Not only from South India but people from all over the country like watching Tollywood movies these days. Some of the popular Tollywood movies found on Extramovies are Janatha Garage, Tuck Jagadish, and so on. Extramovies have a long list of Telugu movies to offer for free for you to stream online or download. However, we strongly advise you not to use these sites since these are all pirated content. According to Indian cyber law, the circulation and consumption of pirated content are punishable by law. Hence, it is best to use legal Websites for watching movies like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

How to use the Extramovies website?

The Extramovies website is designed to impart a simple look and an even simpler operation on the user end. The site boasts a straightforward user interface to give a hassle-free user experience no matter the level of computer knowledge. If you compare it to the other free alternatives on the world wide web, you can tell how simple the function of this site is. For finding a random movie when you have nothing in mind, just simply browse through their website library. Otherwise, if you are looking for a particular movie, you can go to the search bar, and inside that, type the film name you are searching for. The results narrow down to only related search results that help find the movie or series. Just simply use the search bar on the website as you would do on any other website and then choose one from them.

How do Extramovies work?

Extramovies is a pirated content site that is known for its smooth and simple design and user interface. Despite the complex functioning of the website itself, the makers have kept the UI very straightforward to not trouble users so much. Nevertheless, the backend of the site and its daily maintenance is much more complex than you can think. The site Extramovies is a pirated platform and running such a website is no cakewalk. It takes a lot of legal knowledge, Technical skills, and of course years of experience. The site has to make use of various VPNs, mirror links, to hide from the cyber department of the government as circulation of pirated content is illegal and punishable by law in India. Keeping the site secure and away from the eyes of the law is the main priority and the managers have to often switch between different URLs and IP addresses to avoid tracking by the cyber guys.

Few movies are available currently on Extramovies

The Extramovies site houses an enormous collection of all kinds of entertainment content – web series, short films, TV shows, and movies in all kinds of video qualities. You can find some very popular movies on the site by surfing together like Ek Tha Tiger, Dhoom 3, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Shiddat, Chehre, Thalaivi, Rocky, and many others. They constantly keep on updating their library and also have many dubbed movies.

How to contact the Extramovies website?

Extramovies have mentioned their contact details clearly on the site in the ‘Contact us’ section. You can use those email IDs to communicate with the site’s customer service executives for any queries you might have. The site gets a lot of enquiry requests through email and usually takes some time before replying to everyone via mail.

Do ExtraMovies have HD movies?

Yes, Extramovies boasts loads of HD films collected from all parts of the world in diverse genres. Their HD movie library is absolutely free of cost for online streaming and downloading on any device. These films are offered in HD quality and also in all other formats like 360p, 720p, 1080p, Ultra HD, and much more.

Best alternatives to Extramovies.

Extramovies will never let you feel the shortage of free movies and series in any genre, language, or country. The site is well equipped to fulfill all kinds of movie needs competently. It has an extensive library of both early and new launches in all kinds of video qualities. But, sometimes due to some reasons like cyber laws or domain masking, their site might not allow access to their library to users although it is extremely rare. In such cases, it is always beneficial to know the names of some free website alternatives to Extramovies to keep your entertainment needs fulfilled. Thus, we have come up with a list of some of the best free alternatives to Extramovies that offer an equally good selection of early and latest web series, TV series, films, and others.

  1. Tubi TV – Another free movie viewing website with loads of different movies to enjoy for free, Tubi tv is a famous name among movie lovers. Not only movies but also series are available for free on this website. Their library is huge and well equipped having both American and Indian shows, along with some adult content.
  2. Watch free – Watch free is another good alternative to Extramovies as the site has numerous movies, series, news, sports content, songs and much more to offer for absolutely no cost at all. You can easily stream these online on their website and enjoy different genres, languages, and shows in your free time.
  3. 123Movies – this is a renowned site known by many other names such as 123Movies, GoMovies, MeMovies, and so on. This site is known by all for its quick updates making available all latest releases within a few hours. This website literally has the largest collection of series and films from places all over the world. These content are offered for free downloading and online streaming to users.

You also have tons of other legal sites to watch or download movies and series like Netflix, YouTube, etc that makes the entire process risk-free. These official sites may charge you a bit for their services but at the end of the day, these are quite safer than getting involved in legal issues related to pirated content and virus attacks.


Movies should be watched in an ethical manner through legal sites like OTTs, Cinema halls rather than downloading from illegal piracy sites like Extramovies. This not only gives value to the extremely hard-working efforts of filmmakers, scriptwriters, actors, and the entire crew but also saves a lot of legal risks involved in the piracy of movies. Moreover, these sites are all prone to attack by hackers and make it risky to use these sites for viewing or downloading content.

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