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DownloadHub Website:

Movies and series are always in demand no matter the age group, country, culture, language, and so on. However, subscription plans offered by OTT platforms and also movie theater charges are skyrocketing day by day. This is the prime reason for a huge population turning towards free sites that lets you download movies for free or stream online without spending a dime. DownloadHub is such a free pirated site that offers an uncountable number of series and films in diverse languages, genres, and cultures.

DownloadHub is a very popular name among movie lovers. While they specialize in Hindi and English movies and series, they also have some popular Telugu picks and other regional movies to offer. So if you are a vibrant movie lover, you will definitely find this site handy to meet your daily entertainment needs for free of cost. Having said that, you can find all sorts of free movies and series with subtitles, in different video qualities – 720p, 1080p, 360p, HD, Ultra HD, and so on.

The portal DownloadHub offers you

  1. An exhaustive array of English, Hindi, and regional movies, TV shows, web series.
  2. Free or no-charge online streaming and downloading on any device.
  3. Easy to navigate the site
  4. Easy and quick movie downloading option in diverse formats – HD, 720p, 360p, 1080p, and many others.
  5. Latest releases in both low and high HD-quality
  6. Old releases in both low and high video quality
  7. Limited ads or sometimes zero ads.

Is it legal to watch movies on DownloadHub?

DownloadHub is a free-of-cost website for downloading movies. Because of this, the site experiences high traffic every day as OTT platforms and movie complexes cannot be afforded by everyone. Hence, most people in India prefer watching movies for free from these sites. But if you know the truth behind these sites, DownloadHub is a pirated website like the many others available on the internet for downloading movies for free.

As per Indian cyber laws, streaming or downloading content from pirated sites is punishable by law and can attract heavy fines or custody for anyone involved in such activities. The movies offered by DownloadHub are all pirated content and thus have a high risk of getting you into legal issues if caught by the cyber department. Hence, it is advised not to watch or download content from such pirated sites as tracking of your IP address by the cyber department can attract heavy penalties.

Is DownloadHub safe or not?

No pirated site is 100% safe and there will always be some risks involved in downloading or streaming content on such sites. Similarly, DownloadHub being a pirated site also comes with certain disadvantages like data breaches, hacking, and legal problems associated with viewing pirated content. Hence, you are advised to take precautions to protect your device before using DownloadHub. For starters, you can use anti-virus software running on your device to guard against virus threats and data loss. Similarly, you can also avoid clicking on any pop-ups that you may see on these sites otherwise some malware gets downloaded onto your device and harm it. If you take care of these simple things, there is no reason to worry.

Another thing to think of before viewing content from pirated sites like DownloadHub is the prevalent cyber laws of the country. India has stringent cyber policies that prohibit the circulation of pirated content and the cyber department constantly monitors pirated sites like DownloadHub to ban them. If your IP address is tracked by the cyber department, you can end up in legal issues. So, it is advised to use a VPN to hide your IP address.

Can I download movies from DownloadHub?

DownloadHub is one of the biggest pirated movie sites on the internet housing thousands of movies in their library. They handle hundreds of download requests every minute on their site. Hence, you can of course download movies from the website by a simple search and clicking on the download button. The movies present on the DownloadHub site are offered free of cost and you don’t need to spend anything to watch or to download. Although, rarely, you may need to view some short ads while downloading because of the revenue from the ads run on the website. However, the website has very few ads on it.

The site is extremely user-friendly and you can download the movie of your choice easily with just a click of a button. Although DownloadHub has plenty of movies to offer they are illegal. The use of pirated sites in our country is punishable by law and is banned by the government, so it is advisable to avoid these sites.

DownloadHub Bollywood movies.

This is nothing new that Bollywood is not only the biggest entertainment industry of India but also one of the biggest industries around the globe. Bollywood has thousands of movies covering all kinds of genres, storylines, and so on. Indians love watching Bollywood movies hence DownloadHub being a popular and one of the biggest pirated movie sites in the country, hosts all kinds of Bollywood movies. The DownloadHub website can be used to stream and download Bollywood movies from their exhaustive libraries. They frequently update their website and you can even find the latest releases, sometimes within a few hours. You can find the Bollywood movie of your requirement simply by searching the name in the given search bar. You can download the films in all qualities. So if you have limited data to download, you can do so in low quality. Likewise, if you want to enjoy high quality, you can do so in HD, or so.

DownloadHub Kollywood Movies

Kollywood movies are very famous among the people who love diverse genres, especially action movies and romantic ones with lots of peppy songs. Kollywood movies not only draw attention from south Indian movie lovers but are equally in demand by the rest of the country. DownloadHub gives you the option of enjoying Kollywood movies at no cost at all. The huge library of DownloadHub offers a long list of Kollywood movies from the newest release to old releases as well. Moreover, DownloadHub updates their website often and thus you may also find the latest releases sometimes within a few hours. You can also find various dubbed Kollywood movies on their site to enjoy if you have language problems. Although you can find all sorts of Kollywood movies, you are advised to use legal sites to watch movies and avoid these pirated websites for many reasons.

DownloadHub Tollywood movies

Telugu movies or Tollywood movies are in high demand these days among movie lovers and Tollywood is a major movie industry that has gained fame recently because of the comprehensive selection of stories, cinematography, and overall movie quality. Tollywood is known for its outstanding direction and equally eye-catching storylines. DownloadHub being a popular movie downloading website has an impressively huge library of Tollywood movies covering most of the movie genres. Not only that, but DownloadHub also has Telugu dubbed movies that are in high demand by people who have language issues yet want to enjoy Telugu films. You can find many movies like Narrappa, Pachchis, Tughlaq Darbar, Tuck Jagadish, etc that you can easily stream online or download to watch later. But it is advisable to avoid these pirated sites because they are illegal in India by the law and punishable.

How to use the DownloadHub website?

The DownloadHub website is designed to be extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is said to be much easier to use compared to the other free alternatives available. They have an impressive collection of movies to choose from that can be found easily on a single search. For that, you don’t need sophisticated technical skills or be geeky. Just go to their search bar and type the name of the movie you are looking for. You can browse through the search results on their website and click on the desired option. Next, read the details and confirm if that is the correct movie you were searching for. Then you can stream online from a button available on that same page or click on the download button to download the movie in your desired video quality.

How does DownloadHub work?

DownloadHub operates with a very easy and straightforward user interface that can be navigated by anyone, even newbies on the site. This might give the impression that the maintenance of the site itself is easy too. But it is actually very much complex and requires much brainstorming to maintain and regularly update such a huge library of movies. Not only that, DownloadHub being a pirated site needs a lot of serious technical resources to hide from the eyes of the law and escape cybercrime charges. Hence, the site works on a very complex background including various VPNs, mirror links, etc. that keeps the connection secure and hideous. They often change their URLs and IP addresses to escape tracking by the cyber department.

Few movies are available currently on DownloadHub

The DownloadHub is home to an enormous list of movies in various languages and various industries – Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and so on. They regularly update their library with the latest releases and here are some of the popular movies you can find on their site – Thalaivi, Guns of Banaras, Parineeta, PM Narendra Modi, Bell Bottom, and so on.

How to contact the DownloadHub website?

DownloadHub’s contact information is available on their site at the bottom in the ‘Contact us’ section. You can refer to the details given there to get in touch with them for any business queries. DownloadHub is a popular site maintaining a huge library and they get a lot of emails and may need some time to respond to your queries.

Does DownloadHub have HD movies?

Yes, DownloadHub hosts a huge collection of HD movies from across the globe. You can find movies in all languages and genres to stream online or download for free in different video qualities, both high and low quality – HD, 720p, 360p, 1080p, Ultra HD, and so on.

Best alternatives to DownloadHub.

DownloadHub being a famous site hosting a large library of old and latest releases will thoroughly fulfill all your movie needs. However, due to issues associated with the infringement of cyber laws, these sites often change domains and might not allow access to their library all the time. Hence, we have put together a list of some of the best free alternatives to DownloadHub that have an equally satisfying selection of old and new releases in high picture quality.

  1. Project free TV – This is a famous free online streaming and downloading website available in India for viewing free movies. Like DownloadHub, they have a huge library of TV shows and movies from different industries – Bollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, and so on. You can both watch online or download films from their website for free.
  2. Fmovies – this is another popular alternative housing several movies, series, and others covering diverse genres, languages, and shows from various industries in India for free.
  3. 123Movies – you might already know this site called 123Movies, which offers an exhaustive collection of movies from countries around the globe. They offer free movie downloading and streaming options to viewers.

You also have affordable streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, etc which are legal alternatives to DownloadHub. It is advisable to use these legal sites for watching movies as they will save you a lot of problems related to piracy, law infringement, and virus attacks.


Although such pirated sites are always there to supply free movies, we strongly suggest not to use free resources to watch movies for various reasons, the primary being to respect and value the hard work of filmmakers, scriptwriters, actors, and others involved in the filmmaking process. In fact, the use of such pirated sites also puts you in greater danger of hacking and virus attacks.

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