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BestHDMovies Website:

In this festive season finally, it’s time to chill for the people who constantly work the rest of the year. What can be the best option when you can watch all the newly released movies sitting at home with your whole family? Enjoy this Diwali with BestHDMovies where you can find all kinds of movies starting from Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood which is liked by everybody who wants some chill and loves to have some free time while coming back home after a long tiring day. BestHDMovies is a movie downloading website used by millions of people in India. There is no need to waste your data pack when you can download all the films in very few MB. In this article, we are going to tell you all the advantages and disadvantages along with the services they provide to you while using this website named ‘BestHDMovies’.

We all know piracy is banned in India. This website, BestHDMovies is a pirated website that provides full HD and high-quality videos and movies of newly released films to their users as quickly as possible within 12 hours of release. You can download them from 360P to 720P but some movies and web series also. BestHDMovies has broken the law of India as piracy is not allowed in India but still, they provide their user with leaked movies of several languages including Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, and also English movies which are dubbed in Hindi, and other languages. This website also provides a list of Marathi films. A few days ago, the website got its partial banned notice as it was convicted for leaking some blockbuster movies like Joker, Kabir Singh, The Lion King, Baahubali, and from throughout India.

Is it legal to watch and listen to songs on BestHDMovies?

Sometimes all the people can’t take subscriptions for all the OTT platforms which provide all kinds of series and movies released on recent dates. The law of India doesn’t prevent any person who uses such websites. Each country has its law and order to control the mechanism so that they can avoid such illegal activities going around the countries. BestHDMovies has broken the law of India as piracy is not allowed in India but still, they provide their user with leaked movies of several languages. If you try to download, view, or open the websites through any illegal means, then it is considered a severe offense according to the IPC section of India. No country will disobey its law and order as in YouTube, a YouTube account gets blocked if a person gets more than 3 copyright notices. Pirated content is like copyrighted content that is copied from some other sources. The court takes huge fines while taking the decision and punishments. So please be aware as cyber law is getting strict in our country for our safety and precautions.

Is BestHDMovies safe or not?

BestHDMovies is also a streaming website like Hotstar, Netflix, and Prime. The only difference is this website uploads all kinds of pirated content to its website which is against the law of India. But you will enjoy the movies and series as you can download them with very little data. But you should be more careful and aware of the consequences as you are choosing illegal ways to download and watch films and videos. It is also a loss for the actors and the producers of the films as people do not go to the halls and theatres to watch the films which were made by spending lakhs and lakhs. You must take safety precautions while downloading movies from this website as your device may get bad malware or viruses to hack and clear your phone history and searches. So it is better to use this website wisely by taking precautions beforehand.

Can I download movies and videos from BestHDMovies?

As BestHDMovies is a pirated website you should take extra safety and precautions while streaming the website. BestHDMovies is an illegal website and thus using it is a crime in India. However, you can still watch and download movies online from BestHDMovies just by using a VPN before going to the download from the website. A VPN allows you to safely download by not revealing your IP address. Firstly you must download a VPN app from apple or google play store to avoid the restrictions. After downloading or installing the VPN app, you should open the VPN Software. and select an IP address of any other country except India where is running properly without getting banned notice. After selecting that country you can change your IP address and can visit the website without any problem. After opening the website you will see different series and movies list from where you can search, select, and can download them to watch it offline.

BestHDMovies Bollywood movies

Bollywood is the heart of Indian cinema and the movies contain all kinds of emotion, be it romantic, drama, action, or thriller. It is the heart of every Indian who loves to watch movies and series. If you are planning a movie night date this website will give you support from where you can download and play the movies on your date. The website gives you various options for romantic movies like DDLJ, Om Shanti Om, etc. You also make your weekend evening more thrilling with some thriller movies with popcorn and cold drinks. Indians always prefer Bollywood movies to cheer and freshen up their mind.  BestHDMovies makes it easier and as you will find all the newly released movies of your choice on this website.

BestHDMovies Kollywood movies 

Mood to watch some Kollywood movies but don’t know what to watch as nothing is available on the internet? Kollywood industries are getting bigger and bigger day by day because of its awesome content and cinemas. There are very few websites that provide all the newly released Kollywood movies on time. But BestHDMovies makes your work easy as it is easy for all the Kollywood fans to watch the movie freely and easily just by downloading it on their device from this awesome website. People are already big fans of Kollywood songs because of it’s sweet melodies and tone. And now it is also available worldwide because of this website. Go and download all the newly released movies and watch them just by sitting at home.

BestHDMovies Tollywood movies 

Just got to know about some Tollywood movies but was not able to find them on any other website? Then you must search here in BestHDMovies. This website provides all kinds of new and old Tollywood films which are available on the internet. Some films go viral very often because of the action scenes and great content. As we all know, the Tollywood industry is best known for its disco and item songs from their films. BestHDMovies makes the fun much double which allows you to download the whole movie whose songs make you crazy. If you are searching for some old Telugu movies, you will surely find them here on this website. BestHDMovies provides all kinds of content except for the movies. It provides Tollywood web series, serials, short videos, and many others on just one website. Search by taking time and you will find everything from this website.

How to use the BestHDMovies website?

Downloading movies from a pirated website on the internet is time-consuming. It is more complicated than solving a Rubik’s cube. You will find so many servers and links to download which will make you more and more confused. It is in your hand to choose the best server for your device to download the content or less the device may get affected with malware or viruses if you choose the wrong server pr links. There are a few steps you should follow before downloading the films.

  • The first thing you should do is to make a list of movies you want to download from the website before visiting the website.
  • Besthdmovies website is a site whose domain keeps on changing to avoid the ban and blocking. That’s why the admin keeps on changing it from time to time. So sometimes it’s really difficult to get in touch with the original website when you search it on Google.
  • After finding the website you should open the websites and then you will be able to see a lot of movies, series names on the home page
  • Go on the search button if you are not able to find the movies which you are searching to download from the home page.
  • Click on search. Type the movie name which you are willing to download. And press the ‘Enter’ button to allow the website to search. The results will come on your screen with downloading options.
  • Click on ‘Download’ and then a new page will open which will show you different servers to choose from for downloading.
  • After choosing, the movie will start downloading in the background and will get downloaded within 10-15 minutes if you have a good network.

How does BestHDMovies work?

BestHDMovies is a pirated website that contains all. kinds of movies, web series in a very low MB. You use GB when you watch a movie online on any other streaming platform. From this website, you can download the whole film from 300MB to 700MB in 10 to 15 minutes. It also takes very little MB whereas other platforms take GBS after GB to download small videos or content. So it’s better to download it once and enjoy it how many times you want.

Few movies are available currently in the BestHDMovies.

The BestHDMovies contains all kinds of old to newly released films starting from Bollywood, the website also has Bengali, Tollywood, Kollywood as well as Hollywood content which are dubbed in many languages. Some newly released movies are Shiddat, Bhoot police, Gully Rowdy, Ranjha, Sheershaah, Thalaivii, Friendship which are available on this website.

Do BestHDMovies have HD movies?

BestHDMovies is a pirated website still the website provides full HD quality pictures in 360p and 720p. For some websites, it also contains 1080p quality which is ultra HD.

How to contact the BestHDMovies website?

There are no contact details available on the website of BestHDMovies. If you are facing some issues while downloading you should close your browser and the website, clear all the cache and old data, and open the website again to avoid further problems in downloading.

The best alternative for BestHDMovies

As we all know BestHDMovies is a pirated website, so there are 90% chances for the website to get banned anytime. That’s why we are listing here some of the alternatives which you can visit to download movies when this website is not opening.

  1. Movie4k– This is the first alternative for BestHDMovies which is used by millions of people to download movies and web series that fulfill all the needs of users. This website is also best for downloading Hollywood films in dubbed audios.
  2. Movie plus– The second option is movieplus. This website is also for people in India who generally love to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You will get high-quality HD movies from this website.
  3. Movierulz– If you love to watch Kannada, Tamil, and Bengali movies this website is the best option for you. Here you will get ample options which are very high-demanding movies nowadays and not easily available on normal websites.
  4. TVMuse– The next on the list of alternative streaming and downloading websites is TVMuse. Here you will find almost all the Indian dramas and series. TVMuse is the best and easy source for downloading movies and enjoying them offline without any problem.


You must keep in mind that at the end of the day it is a pirated website that uploads all the pirated content. And piracy is strictly against Indian law. If you get caught you have to pay a huge fine. Also, this pirated website is filled with malware and viruses which can damage your device. So take the necessary steps before using this website for your safety.


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