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7starhd Website:

While going to the theatres and watching the movies on the big screen is a different experience, it is often not possible due to the busy schedule. Also, many prefer streaming a movie free of cost while sitting on a cozy sofa at midnight with a chilled beer and popcorn in hand. This has led to the popularity of sites like 7starhd. Their database is filled with the newest releases, hit blockbusters, early releases that are evergreen movies still now. You get all of these by paying zero bucks and while you might have to view a few advertisement videos, these are of only a few seconds and not so troublesome. You can choose to download or even watch several of their movies and series on their site itself while being online.

Not primarily because of choice, but the ever-rising costings of OTT sites like Netflix, YouTube, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and so on, watching movies is becoming a problem for everyone. These sites offer a variety of movies and series in very high video and picture quality which is true but it is extremely difficult for everyone to subscribe to these platforms. Initially, you may get free offers but ultimately you will have to pay every month to continue enjoying the services. Hence, many find them unnecessary and prefer free sites to watch series or movies instead. The subscription plans are getting more expensive with each passing day. Hence, pirated sites like 7starhd come into play by offering absolutely free movies and series to movie lovers, sometimes even in high quality.

However, as said earlier since these free sites are not entirely safe, you might have to exercise caution before clicking any link. Thus, there are some precautions you need to take care of before choosing these sites over legal sites like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Is it legal to watch movies on 7starhd

Technically speaking, no one is going to fine you for using pirated sites like 7starhd for watching movies. There are no such laws abiding citizens to not using such sites. However, legally, it is not safe as circulating copyrighted content is illegal in India. Very seldom users have gotten into trouble for watching free movies but there is still a probability, although very low. Thus, you must use VPNs, etc if you want to take no risk at all. Mostly, cyber departments are behind catching the management and owners of the site for disobeying the law however, nothing serious has ever occurred to commoners for watching movies.

Is 7starhd safe or not?

Nothing is free in this world and there is always an underlying cost associated with every service you utilize. So do these sites like 7starhd. These sites work illegally to circulate copyrighted content for absolutely free and to do so, they have to disobey Indian laws surrounding copyright issues, and so much more. Moreover, their sites are also filled with diverse links that might direct to dangerous sites (although it is rarely the case). These sites may lead to a virus attack on your device. So, if you are planning to use Tubidy, it is necessary that you stay alert and not click links randomly.

Can we download movies from 7starhd

Yes, 7starhd gives you the option of downloading movies to watch later in your free time. Their library full of content is available in diverse video formats to be downloaded by anyone at absolutely no cost. Many individuals like to download movies for the future when they find free Wifi or might be going on trips through the train journey. This is very much possible because 7starhd provides films and other content in 720p, 360p, 1080p, and so on for different users so that no one loses out because of lack of data. In short, you can of course download movies from 7starhd.

7starhd Bollywood movies

The love for Bollywood knows no bounds in the Indian soil and so this is one of those industries growing at the fastest rate ever with no signs of slowing down. No matter how much nepotism is there or how much bad news is spread surrounding Bollywood, one cannot deny the beautiful cinematography, stories and scripts, and romance that Bollywood has brought into our lives. Be it, Hrithik Roshan, the global crush, or SRK above whom nothing exists, we are glued to Bollywood like anything. Thus, 7starhd brings to us the huge advantage of watching Bollywood hits and blockbusters for free and even at the high video quality. So, you pay nothing to enjoy your favorite actors playing on-screen and while you might have to watch a few free ads, you lose nothing at the deal. 7starhd has an enormous database of free movies from the Bollywood film industry that will keep you hooked to the screen for a good period of time.

7starhd Kollywood movies

Kollywood movies can be rightly said to be in the limelight for many years in India now. This is primarily because of their award-winning actors, stories, direction, and cinematography. The Kollywood film industry has thus amassed a lot of genuine fans and followers throughout the country. However, the pricing structures of OTT sites and even movie plexes are increasing so much that people prefer free movie sites like 7starhd. Another advantage is the availability of subtitles and the facility to rewind and fast forward if you download movies from these sites.

7starhd houses different genres of Kollywood movies in the interest of movie lovers including some rare finds. This is a huge relief for Kollywood fans who like watching Kollywood movies often. If there is a particular movie on your mind that you can’t find elsewhere, be it a comedy or romance or action or any short film you are looking for, you can search it once on the 7starhd site, and in all possibilities, you will not regret it.

7starhd Tollywood movies

Another popular industry that has been resurfacing among so many films in India lately, Tollywood is expected to see a massive spike in the number of fans and quality of movies and awards. The rate at which the film industry has shown growth and not only in the number of films per year, but also acting quality, choreography, cinematography, storytelling, that the wave of fans is not going to fade away anytime soon. This brings us to the next big question – where to watch Tollywood movies for free so that we don’t have to pay anything for a subscription. So, 7starhd apart from hosting Bollywood and Kollywood films also has a substantial number of Tollywood hits in their library and the number is going to rise in the coming years. You can choose to view online or download your favorite Tollywood hits and even very old releases with much ease and absolutely at no hidden cost.

How to use 7starhd?

7starhd is a very popular site to stream or download various content absolutely free. But, that is not the only reason behind its popularity. 7starhd is very easy to use. You can view content without much hassle. And, for the tech-savvy generation, it is simply a cup of tea. Even for the older generation using 7starhd is not so difficult.

  • At first, you will need to type 7starhd under your Google Search bar. After that, from the list of search results that pop up, you will need to choose anyone link, preferably towards the top to enter the official site of 7starhd.
  • Once you have entered the official website of 7starhd, you will notice a search bar on their website. Just simply type in the film name you are looking for. If you are not sure what to watch you may also search under the columns “Top Videos” “Top Searches” and find out what is trending.
  • Post that, you will be presented with various qualities of the movie from HD to 360p video quality.

How does 7starhd work?

You can call the website to be very simple yet very modernized and up to date. The site is pirated which means there goes a lot of brainstorming into keeping the site updated with the newest releases and at the same time, hiding from the governments’ eyes. The managers have to be very cunning to make sure they don’t get into cybercrime issues and this is the primary reason, they keep on changing the site URLs, using various mirror links, and taking multiple other precautions that we know nothing about. However, not to worry, because as a simple user, we are not required to break our heads into these businesses and their site is kept simple for users to understand and navigate easily.

Few Films available currently in 7starhd

Few of the films currently available in 7starhd are Jalebi, Gumnam, Baaghi, Jabariya Jodi, Love Aaj Kal, Thalaivi, Ramaiya Vastavaiya. You can find various others just by searching and you can download them in all video formats. It will take lesser data than viewing online on their site.

How to contact 7starhd?

7starhd does have contact information given on their platform as of now. They might update later but look at competitors, you might not get a response always, at least swiftly. Also, there is a high chance of them not revealing their contact or identity as it will become easy for cybercrime departments to catch them red-handedly if they do so. If you cannot download anything or some other problems keep on occurring, you can post a query on other online forums and hopefully, things will get sorted soon.

Does 7starhd have HD movies?

Yes, it houses loads of high-quality content for binge-watching and even downloading. However, as always, it is important to have a good internet connection. A good quality video uses more data. So, whether you’re downloading or watching 7starhd’s HD content online, you will need a lot of data. 7starhd has made available a lot of hit blockbusters and high-demand movies and series in HD quality absolutely for free. Although you might have to watch a few ads sometimes if you stream online, the download option is the best for HD movies. 

Best Alternatives to 7starhd

Well, every movie lover has their specific go-to website to download free films. However, being pirated sites, some of these may not function all the time and can block access to their library for a variety of reasons – be it government intervention, site maintenance, and so on. For this reason, it is good to know some alternate sites where you can find an equally impressive collection of free movies in high video quality. So here are some pirated sites which are great alternatives:

  • Tubidy – an amazing platforming hosting numerous free movies and series. This is a relatively old site and contains several old blockbusters and the newest hits from various film industries around the world.
  • Limetorrent – hosting Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood movies and series both. This site gives several video quality options to watch movies and series at absolutely no cost.
  • Fmovies – another popular site for watching free content in high video quality. This has been around for several years now and is deemed safer than other pirated torrent sites.

Among legal or official sites that are the best options rather than choosing pirated sites are Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Hotstar, Disney Hotstar, and so on which are the legal platforms in India for entertainment. It is best to pay a nominal fee to them for your daily entertainment needs than going through legal troubles associated with pirated sites. 


7starhd might be free but it has its downsides too. You have to surf through a lot of risks and be lucky to not end up prey to virus attacks. Moreover, you cut down a lot of earnings for the deserving filmmakers when you choose these free sites. Thus, sites like these must be used with caution, preferably with a VPN to save yourself from potential cybercrime issues. But, it is best to not use these sites and use Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and so on.