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123Mkv Website:

In the present, people are finding out ways to accomplish things or find a better and easy solution rather than stuck with old ones. As of now, present in the 21st Century, with the technology growing at a fast pace and with it the growing population, people tend to find some other ways to entertain themselves. The source of entertainment can be music, movies, or even hanging out with your friends and family. The movies are a very good source of entertainment and they have been a part of our lives since we can remember.

Whether it is an old classic movie or the latest sci-fi movie, everyone loves movies irrespective of their age. And watching a movie with your family or friends is just the best way to spend some quality time with them. But due to some movies or most of them being only available on the OTT platforms, it makes it difficult for everyone to get access to it as they need to subscribe to those platforms to watch those specific movies.

That is when people turn to other platforms to which there is no need for a subscription and you get to view or download the movies for free. One such platform/website is 123mkv on which you find a very good number of movies to choose from. You can even find movies of different languages, dubbed movies, and so on.

The website doesn’t have any specific link but has several URLs and you can choose any link to view your favorite movie anywhere, anytime. It is better to download movies from this website as the ads keep on showing every 10-15 minutes. This is a pirated website that contains all genres of movies. 123mkv is the largest database containing Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movies from different film industries. You can either view the movie online or download it for free and then view it.

Is it legal to watch movies on 123mkv?

As you might already know, this is a pirated website that contains only pirated content. But people who don’t have a subscription to the OTT platforms have no choice but to depend on such websites that stream pirated content. There are different laws for streaming content from these websites in different countries. But one thing is for sure in whichever country you are in and if you view from these websites, it is considered illegal. There is a huge impact on the movie industry just because of a few people running such pirated websites. They cause too much loss for the movie industry and other sectors related to it. So, we can say that it is not legal to watch or download movies on/from 123mkv.

Is 123mkv safe or not?

Just like many other online websites, 123mkv is one such website for streaming movies. The website is updated almost regularly with movies that are pirated and so this website is called pirated website. But as per Indian norms and law, it is illegal to view or download pirated content from such pirated websites. You can stream the movie online or easily download it within a few minutes and view it offline. The movies are uploaded on the website unlawfully and you downloading or viewing them makes you vulnerable according to the Indian law system. So, it is unsafe to use such pirated websites and you always have to keep in mind that you are viewing illegal content. And if you don’t take some serious precautions while using the website, you might get into some trouble with the administration.

Can I download movies from 123mkv?

Well, the obvious answer to the above question is yes you can download movies from 123mkv. But the platform is pirated and it is not a good option to go forward with it. But as some people who can’t afford the OTT platforms should think of safety measures before using the website. On the website, you will find a very wide collection of movies and series to download from and it is easily available too without major hassles. When you have taken the safety measures, the downloading is even easier as you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with cybercrime people. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can happily relax and view the movie without a thought about anything else. And downloading saves your data more than viewing it online and also saves you from canceling the ads which keep popping out every few minutes while you are streaming the movie online.

123mkv Bollywood movies:

The Bollywood film industry has captured our hearts with the incredible drama, fun, and magic of Bollywood movies. Not only the movies but even the songs, the lyrics are just magical. It just melts your heart and soothes your mind, this is the effect the Bollywood movies have on us Indians. The platform offers many Bollywood movies to choose from. Some Bollywood movies are even dubbed in the regional languages so people can understand and view the movie better. On the website, you can find some good old movies as well as the latest ones. You can download them or watch them online by your own choice. If you love a good Bollywood movie, then 123mkv is the best choice to get your favorite movie. And the best thing is you get all the movies here for free without spending a single penny.

123mkv Kollywood movies:

Kollywood is just another name for the Tamil film industry for those who are wondering what is it or those who aren’t quite familiar with the word. The film industry has produced some good movies along the way. The industry might not be as good as Bollywood but it is certainly doing well on its own. If you compare a few movies you will understand how well the industry has grown in time. The movies are quite romantic and just give you a blissful feeling watching them. The movies have some beautiful, soothing songs that have been recorded by some famous singers. But some people won’t understand the Tamil language, but not to worry as you will get a dubbed version in your regional language which makes it comfortable for the user to view it. You can find many Kollywood movies on here as long as you know the name. So, get going and watch your favorite Kollywood movie for free.

123mkv Tollywood movies:

The Telugu movies are loved by the South Indians from the Telugu film industry which also goes by the name Tollywood. There are a lot of Tollywood fans not only in India but across the world. Nowadays people care about the movie and not much about the language it is in. The website 123mkv makes it possible for the user to view and understand the Tollywood movies easily as you can even get the dubbed versions of the original ones. The user has access to a wide range of Tollywood movies to stream or download. Recently in a decade or so, the Tollywood film industry has become a prominent part of the Indian film industry and is recognized nationwide. The Tollywood movies have created a huge fan following for the film industry.

How to use the 123mkv website?

The website 123mkv is very simple and user-friendly. It has access to almost all the movies and is very comfortable to be used. The movie can be downloaded anywhere, anytime and that too in a short period. Most people love to keep the movies for download and view them later when they are free like after work. For those who aren’t familiar with using such websites the following points can help you out :

  • The starting is pretty simple, just go to Google and search for ‘123mkv’ and click on the first link you get or any other following links.
  • After entering the web page look for the search bar and type the movie name over there.
  • After clicking on the movie you will see there are different servers to choose from and also the different quality of the video.
  • There you can choose to stream online or download it to watch later.

How do 123mkv works?

The working of the website 123mkv is so customized and user-friendly that when you use it for the first time you will just flow through it like you have been using it since forever. The interface and software are developed in such a way so that they can be used by anyone. Even the procedure of finding the movie or downloading it is pretty quick and well accustomed. The only drawback is that there are too many ads coming out of nowhere, other than that, it is just too simple to be used. The only thing that you have to spend is a little amount of MB and that’s all you can view the movie hassle-free and in a relaxing way. The downloading takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes depending on your internet speed. The website is much easily usable when compared to other websites which can take some time to figure out.

Few films available currently in 123mkv

As we already know, there are many movies currently available on the website. The movies are a way of having a good time after work or a rather pretty boring day. Some movies that are available right now are Shershaah, Mortal Kombat, Bell Bottom, Radhe, Bhramam, Kavalai Vendam, and many more. The movies range from classic old ones to the latest released ones.

How to contact the 123mkv website?

Well, you don’t find any contact details of the website as it is a pirated platform. And it does not provide customer care services also that helps with the problems. But there are a few simple tricks to help you overcome the problems. You just have to cancel the download or the stream, and cancel the webpage along with it. Now clear the cache and refresh your device. After this, try streaming or downloading again. You can try this method or just use the alternative sites which will be mentioned below.

Do 123mkv have HD movies?

Even though the website is pirated and contains pirated content, it does have HD movies. A lot of movies being uploaded now are of HD quality. You can stream and also download movies in HD quality by sparing a few MB of your data. So, the user gets the advantage of viewing HD content from this website.

Best alternatives to 123mkv

Sometimes when you can’t use the website for unknown reasons or are not able to download certain content, we need an alternative and some of the best alternatives to 123mkv is mentioned below :

  • YoMovies: It is a user-friendly website too. And this website has some classic movies on it and can be downloaded easily.
  • Worldfree4u: It is also a free website where you get all south Indian movies dubbed and original ones.
  • Showmyflix: The website has a wide range of movies of many years going back as far as the 2000s. It is the best alternative to

Many other websites also offer good movies but the above-mentioned are the best among those. Even though they all offer good movies they are still pirated platforms and you should be careful and take precautions before using them as, using them may get you in trouble with the law.


There is no doubt that the movies offered here are of good quality and you get HD prints also. But it is still illegal to use such pirated websites. The use of such websites will cause damage to the production house, the actors, and all the other people involved in the making of such a wonderful movie. On this website, the content can be downloaded in a few minutes hassle-free. But as it is an illegal pirated website, you must be willing to face the consequences if anything goes wrong. Because as we have gone through it already, piracy is illegal in India or any other country for that matter. And you must take precautions or be fully prepared to face the cyber laws if things go sideways.

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